Jul 7, 2020

Reasons Why Some People Prefer Herbal Medicines to Prescription Medicine

Lately, we conducted a survey on herbal medicines and reasons why some people prefer it to regular medicine based on level recent likeness for herbal medicine especially from people in Africa and some part of Asia.

At this period where people and expert are looking for cure for corona virus, many countries are embracing the use of herbal medicines for various cure and I took my time to study why people like herbal medicines even more than prescription medicine. 

As you read on with this post, we will be looking at the reasons why people prefer herbal medicines to prescription medicines or if prescription drugs are better than herbal medicines vice versa.

While I was younger, I noticed that I tend to prefer herbal remedies but after a while, I got to know that it doesn't really work for me or its just my ideology. But I also noticed that there are some ailment or diseases which natural medicines are very much effective like case of importance and herbal supplements.

Is Herbal Medicine Better than Prescription Drugs? According to my findings, i noticed that both herbal medicine and prescription medicines are used to treat one ailment or other other but i see that some people prefers herbal medicine to prescription drugs.
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But for me, i still believe in prescription drugs because most of these drugs are specific in dosage and can be used to treat specific diseases but many people claim herbal drugs are better than the prescription drugs

But based according to findings, herbal drugs are better than prescription medicines in the following ways?

1. No quantity: Do you know that most herbal remedies requires no specification on dosage? People who prefers herbal medicine to prescription drugs claims that herbal medicine usually don't have a particular quantity of dose. 

There are no specific amount of capsules, pill or tablet but you only drink a few because most herbal medicines are liquid. I really don't think any case of overdose is usually recorded on most herbal treatments which is one of the reasons why people prefer herbal drugs to prescription drugs.

2. No Pills :  Although some herbal treatment are now advanced into a tablet form due to advance technology. One of the things people claim that makes herbal drugs more better than prescription drugs is that it herbal medicines are usually in liquid form. 

For people who don't like taking capsules or pills, i think herbal liquid medicine is their choice.

Like herbal supplement, traditional medicines related to blindness, sexual related diseases, etc are mostly liquid medicines which makes it easier for people who don't like tablets or capsules get accommodated to liquid treatment.

3. Little or No Prescription: One of the things that makes herbal medicines better than prescription medicines is that it has no prescription. Most herbal drugs are not recommended by the doctor, people see them on drug store or being marketed and they buy and use.

It means there are no issues of overdose, take 2 tablets in the morning and night or every six hours like antibiotics drugs requires.

4. Made of Natural plants: Even most prescription medicines are made from extract from plants and root. I think one of the most important point that makes herbal medicine the best compared to prescription medicines is the fact that herbal drugs are mainly from plant, plant extract or from seed/root. 

And any drugs extract from plant are usually very effective because even the prescription drugs are extracted from plants too. Many people like the fact that its a herbal extract.
5. Non- Allergies: Some people still believe that herbal medicine doesn't cause allergies like other drugs do. Natural herbal medicines usually don't have allergies even when i was using one, it doesn't react in my body and i feel that is one of the reasons people prefer herbal medicines to prescription medicines. 

This means it requires no complications unlike some prescription medicines will make people feel dizzy, nausea, slight headache, migraine, rashea and many more.

6. More Companies: From my research, i see that there are many certified companies involved in the production of herbal drugs than prescription drugs which i still believe is one of the reasons people prefers herbal drugs to the other.

7. More Fibers: I asked a friend of mine who is involved in production of herbal drugs and administration and he told me that herbal drugs are better because they contain high percentage of fiber which contains so much health benefit to the body such as weight loss, digestion, high rate of body metabolism and many more.

8. More Vitamins: Not only fiber, herbal medicines also contains more vitamins that prescription drugs. Herbal is mainly from plant like vegetables which contains more vitamins required by the body for maintenance and developments.

9. Mostly Inexpensive: If you compare the various price of prescription drugs and herbal drugs, you will notice that herbal medicines are cheaper and effective. For instance, you will notice that the cost of herbal drugs for diseases like hypertension, stroke, diabetes etc are very cheap and some plant cure some of these ailment naturally compared to the high cost prescription drugs. I believe this is a key factor we need to consider here comparing the too medicines.

10. No Side Effect: Most herbal drugs usually don't have side effect and you don't get scared when you drink more than the required quantity but for prescription, it has side effect if you take the wrong dose or excess amount of dose.

These are reasons why i feel people love herbal medicines and feel herbal drugs are better than prescription drugs. The evaluation and facts are gotten from various doctors, pharmacist and nutritionist who contributed in one way of the other. 

But if you like herbal drugs, you only need to ensure you are taking the original one and not fake drugs that was manufactured just anywhere without registration number. Thanks for reading.
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  1. Herbal medicine is not that bad, if you are from South Africa, you will see that w drink it a lot and many people from West Africa also take it a lot for malaria and other health issues. But i see the herbal medicine is growing and might compete with prescription medicine soon.