Jul 3, 2020

Reasons Why Most Nigerian Men Have Pot Belly After Wedding

I was checking out on some of my readers to know their well being at this time, we exchange pictures and other videos. But I was surprised when I checked on a newly married close pal and I noticed that he's grown so big with pot belly. 

All this happened shortly after his wedding, now he's battling with different exercises to burn it off but it's not easy. It can happen to anyone in any country but it seems common in Nigeria.

Reasons for pot belly in Nigerian men after wedding 

Another message was sent to us at www.vicihores.us through one of our free healthcare and fitness ideas readers from Nigeria and she was like, her Nigerian guy seems to be very handsome and fit but immediately after their wedding and now that he is marriage, the guy will just begin to get fat with big pot belly

Then i also got to know through my research that most men in Nigeria tends to get big belly when they get married. Could this be evidence of good living? No.

As you read on with this post, we will be looking at the causes of pot belly for Nigerian men and the possible solution to the problem. All will be discussed as you read on with this post. We need to know that pot belly isn't really healthy because it could lead to more complications like high blood pressure, excessive cholesterol, stroke, obesity, stroke etc

Someone asked me that "what are the reasons why most men have pot belly after marriage" and i believe this is a common problem among men that even average weight guys suddenly become pot bellied after some years in Marriage.

Whenever i see most Nigerian with pot belly, i see reasons that its not actually their fault because many eat poorly and they lack exercise. I also did my research and concluded that some of the reason for big tummy for men after marriage includes; 

1. Frequent Beer Intake: One of the reasons why some Nigerian men have big belly after marriage is due to the fact many of these men enjoy drinking beer and alcohol. Beer and alcohol are drugs and the end product of such is sugar which is converted to fat as glycogen. This causes weight gain around the tummy region and it causes pot belly which usually occur after marriage. 

2. Excess Carbohydrate Intake: Another factor that cause a pot belly in men either in marriage or after marriage is poor diet plan which results from excessive consumption of native carbohydrate foods which are high in calories. 

Examples includes yam, pounded yam, goat meat, eba, amala, bread,etc. All these makes fat to be stored around the stomach region and result to pot belly. 

3. No or Lack of Exercise: I noticed that most Nigerian men gain weight after marriage because of lack of exercise that they usually do before they got married. 

Nigerian Guys or men usually don't do exercise like walking,running, jogging, skipping, and other cardio but to drive round using their cars or bikes which will make them add more weight especially in the tummy. 

4. Its Natural: Its a belief in Nigeria that men will have a big tummy after being fed well by their wives during marriage and if a man was still maintaining his slim weight, people will believe he's not been well fed or he's broke. 

All these might are lies and they are not real. In order to avoid these, you need to do some dieting and exercise often. The truth is that it can never be natural in the sense that all still result due to bad feeding habit and lack of exercises.

5. Too Much Food: Eating too much food won't slows down the the digestion rate and you get bigger and fatter with time. Many Nigerian men eat too much food like carbohydrate and fatty foods, fried foods, fried meat and many more which later results to pot belly for them. They fail to feed on fiber, fruits with some exercise to maintain their weight.

6. Late Night Food: Eating your food late at night which is common to most Nigerian men slows down the the digestion rate and you get bigger and fatter with time. One of the reasons and factors that causes excess weight gain in the tummy for most Nigerian men is that they eat late at night due to work, hard work, traffic and many more. All these are not healthy because they store fat around the stomach that causes pot belly.
8. Stress: Stress is another major factor that contribute to weight gain in people. It also makes weight loss difficult. When the body of a man is stressed up with so much hard-work and not time for good balance diet and exercise but work work and work, the body experience stress and add more weight.
10. High Calories Diet: Another factor that cause pot belly for Nigerian men when married is the fact that they eat more high calorie foods. High calorie foods are sugar, yam,bread,cassava, doughnuts, eba and snacks generally.

These are reasons why some Nigerian men gain weight after their wedding and lose their six packs body shapes. Apart from losing shape, pot belly is too risky for any man because it leads to sickness like high blood pressure, hypertension, death, diabetes etc. Thanks for reading
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  1. My own observation is that it happens everywhere even among Americans here. As soon as a man get married, responsibility set in and they become bigger with pot belly.