Jul 5, 2020

Is Walking to Lose Weight Effective Like Other Exercises Such As Running

Are you seeking to lose weight with any other exercise apart from running? Or you feel you might not have time to do some running but seek other exercises that can be effective like running? Then you are on the right path because we will provide you answers related to your queries.

If you have found or stumbled on this site, i will like to tell you that you are on the right path simply because we will discussing a very interesting topic today that deals with weight loss and walking to achieve it either fast or slow.

Gone are those days when people see others trekking as probably due to lack of money, poverty, but all that is a fallacy now. Walking doesn't have to be too much, because the more you walk, the more it equates to running. And the more you walk, the more it lose weight like running does.

We also know that one of the best way to lose weight is through exercises such as running, cycling, jumping, jogging, stairs climbing and other cardio but i noticed that some people still look down on walking for weight loss while others feel like it doesn't work but i can tell you that walking also works very fine to lose weight or get rid of excess fat in the body. 
Walking is also one of the best exercises or a form of exercise which makes the body fit and not only that, it can also help lose weight if done regularly with dedication. 

Walking keeps the body healthy but walking can be very slow for weight loss result unlike jogging and running which gives a fast result for weight loss. It can be inform of normal working or speed walking but walking is an exercises too.

Is Walking to Lose Weight Effective Like Other Exercises Such As Running? From my research so far about walking, it works very fine just like other exercises. It just that running can give a very fast result on fat burning while walking might be slow but i works very fine too. 

Walking is a form of exercise and can be as effective like running or jogging only if you increase your walking time. In other words, it means you walk, trek many times in a month. 

You may not see the result immediately but your colleagues and friend mention about your weight loss and you will be amazed at your slow transformation.

Can I Walk to Lose Weight like running? Yes it is very possible to walk for weigh loss just like any other exercise like cardio does.  As you read on with this post, I will be describing and stating various ways to achieve weight loss walking.  Some which includes;

1. Walk to Friends Place/Stores/Office: One of the ways to achieve losing weight through walking is to occasionally walk to your office, stores to buy items and probably your friends house. To lose weight, you need to exercise your body buy walking to stores and other places. 

If you make it a habit to walking to stores around you or to your friend place, you will notice a drastic reduction in your weight as you do so and not to go to stores with your car or bus. In this case, walking becomes very effective to lose weight just like other exercises.

2. Try Long or Short Distance: Another way to achieve weight loss walking and also make walking effective for you in terms of weight loss is to ensure you also work some distance either short or long but I noticed that many people don’t want to walk at all but prefers to go about using their cars or bus. 

It’s so bad to avoid walking especially when the distance is short like going to your place of worship or places even closer than that. What am saying is that if you begin to walk for long distance or short distance, you will reduce weight drastically with time and consistence.

3. Walking Machine: Another way to lose weight by walking which seems to be as effective like running is to get a walking machine and start walking at home. One of the benefits of walking machine is that it can calculate the distance you’ve covered within the shortest period of time and all can be done at home. 

Walking machine is not so expensive but cheap, so just try as much as possible to get one for yourself do the exercise daily and you will lose weight. 

So, the walking machine also works like other exercises to loses weight effectively.

4.  Walking to the Market:  Walking can also be uses to lose weight effectively like other exercises if you also to walk more for some minutes daily like going to the market. 

One of the things I tell people especially women that wants to lose weight is that they can do so by walking which they can start by walking to the market and other areas. 

If the market is few meters from your house why not make it a routine to trek to the market anytime you are going there but if you are buying a large amount of items, then you can go with your car. With this, weight loss walking is achievable.
5. Walk in Early Morning: You can also lose weight by walking early in the morning. I prefer you do some speed walking in the early hours or can be assisted with early morning running and jogging that is if you are tired during running, you can walk and later when the energy is replenished, you can also start running again.

In Conclusion, these are things you can do to achieve weight loss by walking which proves to be effective like other weight loss exercises. Weight loss walking is real but it takes dedication and seriousness to start. But you can achieve it easily by walking machine, walking to place of worship, market and early morning walking. Thanks
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  1. I really want to be the first to comment on this post because I have an issue bordering me. I got to know more about walking during the pandemic where there was no movement of cars. I walk to work, to stores, and everywhere and my sleep at night seems fantastic but am not losing weight. What do I do? I can't jog or run because of my daily routine