Jul 4, 2020

How to Check Blood Pressure For Free Without Paying any Money

I got a report that Mr Smith who is one of my neighbour had stroke, he could not walk, speak and its already affecting his reasoning and mental system. I call for the test report on high blood pressure, it was very high and he's more like a walking corpse which lead to stroke, imagine having a blood pressure of 190/120. 

At age 45, 50 and above, people need to understand that they need to test their blood pressure frequently. That is why we are making a post on free ways to check the blood pressure without spending money to get tested.

If you are looking for a site that teaches you more about your health for free, i believe you are on the right site and i can tell you its what we do best (www.vicihores.us). Today, we will be looking at blood pressure and how to check it for free without spending any money.

Before we go one, let take a look at this, Mr John said hes feeling dizzy and feeling like falling at age 60, i said when was the last time you check your blood pressure to know your heart rate and blood pressure status? The man replied more than a month, i got scared because i noticed that the man is playing with death for not checking his blood pressure regularly.

Immediately, i brought out my sphygmomanometer and check is reading for blood pressure and it was very high. We immediately contact his doctor and he was treated for high blood pressure. What i see is that people with blood pressure issues either high or low need to know that checking of blood pressure can be cheap or free and prevent death.

Our Blood Pressure is something people should check regularly either young or old but some people will say that free blood pressure check is not attainable, checking blood pressure is very expensive, i don't have time for this check etc but when the effect comes, they find themselves to blame for such i don't care attitude towards their health. 

This is the more reasons am writing this post to help people get ideas on how to check their blood pressure for free.

When the blood pressure is high, it becomes high blood pressure which causes hypertension, stroke, cardiac arrest and other cardio vascular diseases and when the blood pressure is low, it also causes diseases like hypo-tension which also result to death when left untreated.

There are many ways to check your blood pressure for free or cheaply, you may not need to spend any money which includes;

1. Cheap Sphygmomanometer: One of the free ways to check for high blood pressure without spending money is to do it yourself. In order not to find excuse for not checking your blood pressure, you can check reliable health store and buy any sphygmomanometer of your choice. 

The sphygmomanometer is an instrument used to measure or determine the blood pressure by determine the rate of systolic and diastolic rate as it increases and decreases. Having this device helps to get free blood pressure check which means you can check your blood pressure with this instruments as many times as possible free. 

You can buy the manual only if you know how to use it but the electronic sphygmomanometer is the best due its simplicity and easy to use. Just follow the instruction or better still, take it to your doctor to explain it to you on how to use it at home.

2. Free Recommended Health Centers:  Another way to get free blood pressure check whereas you may not spend any money doing this is to visit free health care centers owned by governments or non governmental agencies around you. I believe almost all countries have health centers available in all areas even people living in rural areas also have access to free health centers. 

You just need to go there, tell them you want to check your blood pressure and its free.Its better you go to the accredited health centers designed by the Government and check your there, nobody will collect any money from you because you want to check your blood pressure, it is free.

3. Visit General Hospital: You can also check your blood pressure for free in General Hospitals close to you which you don't need to a dime to anybody. The nurses are there to help you check it for free. You also get some additional health tips pertaining the blood pressure you check. 

The nurses and doctors in the hospital will also prescribe drugs for you in case the blood pressure is high or low just to balance up the measurements which keeps you safe from untimely death.

 Free blood pressure is a must and the best place we recommend is the General hospital based on added health tips they give and the interpretation they offer for the result.
4. Check Private Hospitals: Any private hospital or state hospital doesn't require money for you to check your blood pressure. You can also check your blood pressure free by visiting even private hospitals or clinics. 

When you entered into any hospital either public or private, you will notice that the first thing they welcome you with is to help you check your blood pressure which you don't even need to pay for only if you have other complain or health issues.

In Conclusion:
As discussed in the article body above, the free way to check for either high blood pressure or low blood pressure is to check private hospitals, non governmental clinics, using gadget like sphygmomanomter, general health centers etc. 

Also, ensure you check your blood pressure regularly even if you are healthy, even if you are young or old. Its not only sick people or old people that should only check theirs but for people after the age of 35 to 60years and above, you can also try this method and its free. Thanks for reading.
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