Jul 1, 2020

How to Achieve Fast Weight Loss by Eating Pap Often

Although, almost every nation in the world have their local or traditional food except those highly civilized countries. Pap might not be known by many Americans and Europeans but many Africans, Asians and African Americans are familiar with it and sime may have few things about pap being a light or low calorie foods.

 Most low calorie foods like pap are good to achieve fast weight loss when eaten often. Its funny to also believe that when mixed with milk, it becomes highly nutritional with a combination of starch and protein, which seems good for body development.

I do tell people that "we are what we eat" whereas a nutritionist prove this wrong that we are never what we eat since we all have different body metabolism and rate of reaction. Which means this statement occurs to only few People and I agreed with that since everyone is still learning.

I have a group of friends which were used for experiment in southern Africa. All these have varying body size and shapes. These guys were divided into two, the first set we asked to drink pap without any other food for 4 days while the other set take the pap along with other foods.

After 4th day of the task because the first set and second set were separated from each other, we then noticed the group that weren't taking only pap but with other food have the same weight result while the first group taking pap alone have a considerable weight loss even when the pap was mixed with milk, honey and other proteins just to have a separate taste.

The result led to this recent findings involving pap and we also did a little research on health benefit of pa pap and we are made to know that pap is a very common food in many part of West Africa and also seen as a good for recovery after sickness either for young or matured people.

Pap is made from maize and I can tell you that pap is low in calorie although it’s a starchy food but very light. Even while they are preparing pap from corn many starch are washed along which makes it healthier. It’s just like harvesting a corn, sundry it, allow it to ferment a little, grind it and sieve to become a food.

Another lady who works for me started taking pap and after a while around few days, her weight was just reducing because of the low calorie of the food.

Opinion: If you really want lose weight fast or quickly, you need to do some simple exercises coupled with consumption low fatty foods like pap. Pap helps to lose weight very fast even without complications or side effect because pap is light in nature, it processing from corn has reduced some other starch in it and it gives energy.

So, if you feel you are overweight or you are beginning to see that you are getting obese, you can decide to eat pap more like many times a week or a day along with milk, low sugary items and other proteins. Doing this will reduce your calorie intake and your digestion rate also get faster which means you are on the right food plan on weight loss.

You can still eat this semi solid food more in the morning, in the afternoon or at night which is good instead starving yourself.  If pap is a local food in western Nigeria and that is why most northern tribe usually has a slim body due to the pap which does the work for them since it’s a low calorie food. 

The Chemistry
So, the idea is that when you take pap very often especially to lose weight fast, it works because pap is made from corn, its low in calories. Pap is light and pap is very high in fiber which aids digestion and body metabolism.  

Regular intake of this food is very light and it increases the body rate of blood circulation and digestion which is the basis of weight loss.

With Exercises: If you are on a weight loss plan or diet plan especially with veggies, then pap is a perfect match for such plan as long as you are doing those to lose weight quickly. Like the last I recommended pap for a friend who went for holiday in the Western Africa, she came back thanking and appreciating that she too lot of pap and she was just urinating and she felt light throughout her stay.

No complications:
Unlike other weight loss ideas or foods that may result to complications when you eat them to maintain your weight, pap for weight loss isn’t part of those foods because taking pap still gives energy because it belong to the class of food called carbohydrates and their basic function according to elementary sciences is that pap gives energy, helps in body development and doesn’t make you grow fat.
Age or gender
One good thing about taking pap regularly to lose weight fast is that it doesn’t have any age restriction or gender selection. Men and women of all ages, young or old, big or fat can all take pap meal and it works well if you don’t want to be involved in eating too much of heavy food but light stuffs.

With Exercises;  taking pap with exercises gives more faster result because you are burning fat with those exercises and you are taking a food that also seems light and makes you full. 

In conclusion:
Eating pap often can actually make you lose weight based on some of the things we discussed in the article body above like having low calories, being light, containing fiber, can be used by men and women, young or old and it has no side effect on your health even when you are engaged in exercises and you are feeding on pap meal to lose weight. Thanks for reading.

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  1. Ithink pap is common in South Africa and other areas. Its low in calorie but taste better when mixed with milk. UK and US people know corn flakes as a light food and not pap