Jul 7, 2020

Easy Ways to Lose 10 Pounds Weekly or Monthly without Taking Any Expensive Pills

Based on my experience on weight loss issues and matters, I noticed many people are being scammed of their hard earned money due to the fact that they fall for wrong information on losing weight advert. The truth is that the only easy way to lose weight is go on a plan that allow you lose weight gradually like losing 10 pounds monthly or weekly and not the regular lose 10 pounds immediately. 

One of the ways you can fall for weight loss scam is when you are gullible in believing that there are drugs, pills or therapy that can make you lose ten pounds per day. All these are not real and try as much as possible not to fall for such sweet quoted adverts on TV, magazines or blogs. 

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Let get down to the real business of the day, Many years ago, I was part of those who seek and browse the internet looking for easy ways to lose like 10 pounds either weekly or monthly. I'm of the opinion that since the weight was gained gradually, it means it must be eradicated gradually as well, that is why I opt in for weekly or monthly weight loss plan. 

To lose 10 pounds weekly or monthly without taking or buying any expensive weight loss pills is achievable only if you are dedicated with the right information such as exercises and food plan which will be shared as you read on with this update. If you are consistent with the weight loss plan, then you will achieve success with it easily and cheap.

Weight loss is good, it keeps the body healthy; it prevents diseases like high blood pressure, stroke, heart diseases, obesity, diabetes, cardiac arrest etc. If you are to lose 10 pounds within a month or for few weeks, you need to do the following and be serious about it, it includes; 

1. Plank Exercise: This is a type of cardio exercise which requires a minute or few seconds of your time every day to lose 10 pounds. You can see that is very easy but works. It helps flatten the tummy and it also help get rid of excess fat in the body while working for the tummy. If you are consistence with plank exercise, you will begin to lose weight around 10 pounds within a month. You may not even need to buy any expensive pills for you to lose 10 pounds. 

2. Reduce or Avoid Eating Fatty Foods: Some weight loss advert doesn't make weight loss look like its easy but it is. One of the ways and things you can do to lose over 5kg of weight in a week or in a month is to try eating little or avoiding eating fatty foods. Fatty foods are foods rich in fat such as animal fat, fried foods like chin-chin, burger, and many more. 

You can start by avoiding fat rich foods and replacing it with lighter food and within a week, you start getting results little by little. After a while or within a month, you would have lost like 10 pounds with ease without buying any expensive weight loss pills.
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3. Eat Fresh Fruits: Another thing I recommend for anybody to lose weight such as 10 pounds in a month with ease is to make it a habit to eat more fruits. Some examples of fruits that work fine are berry, cabbage, apple, oranges, watermelon, grapes, carrot, raw tomatoes, garden egg, pineapple, pear, strawberry, Avocados and many more. 

Fruits have Vitamins that helps the body in many ways and it provides enzymes that repair tissues in the body as well as enzymes that aid digestion. Fast digestion rate helps to increase body metabolism rate as well as weight loss, this means that you can lose up to 10 pounds easily without any pills when you are based on fruits during the week.   

4. Eating less: While you are on exercises, you can eat less to get fast result. You not only eat less of food but less of high fat foods, high carbohydrate food, high sugary food all which that can make you add weight but instead you can eat more of fruits and other fiber fruits. Doing this, i assure you that 10 pounds cab be lost in a week or within a month. Many have tried this method; some are still trying it while i believe it can still work for you. 
5. Do Some Cardio Exercise: If you think you can lose 10 pounds within a week or in a month without taking any expensive pills, then you need to try cardio exercises. You only need to do simple cardio exercise and be consistence with it. Cardio exercises are exercise that makes increases your breath faster during or after the exercise. 

Examples of cardio exercise includes running, speed walking, fast jogging, hurdles, skipping, plank exercise, sit ups and cycling. Cardio exercise can help you lose 10 or 4.5kg of grams within a week or within a month with ease but you only need to get consistence with it and you get the result you need in little time. 

6. Eat Fiber Foods: Another better way to burn off about 10 pounds per week or per month with ease is to feed well on fiber foods. Fiber foods aids digestion and it also increases the body metabolism rate which ensures weight loss. Examples of fiber foods are cucumber, maize, garden egg, pawpaw, watermelon, cabbage and many more. Doing exercise and eating fiber foods guarantee a 10 pounds weight loss.

7. Jogging: Jogging is good; it helps to burn off excess fat in the body. If you have a jogging machine or any other device in your house, then it is much easier for you but I personally prefer jogging round the house like 10 to 20 times which people were already asking me that what you are doing to slim down this way. 

If you can t jog on the street, do some multiple jogging around your house, flat and your fat will be burning off little by little. Instead of going for a weight loss pill that may have side effect on my health, I rather prefer jogging.
In conclusion, as discussed above, these are different things to do to lose 10 pounds easily within a month or weeks without taking pills. Just your plank exercise every day, eat more fiber foods, do some exercise, do some cardio, eat less, avoid fatty foods, jog more and eat more fresh fruits which contains lot of vitamins. Thanks.

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