Jul 2, 2020

Dangerous food to avoid if you have diabetes and high blood pressure at age 50 and above

If you take careful look at human around age 50 and above, you will notice the body organs are gradually declining in the operation and this may result to issues like high blood pressure and diabetes. Even if an individual is diabetic with high blood pressure, it can still be managed by avoiding some food items which seems too dangerous.

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Today as you read on with this post, we will be discussing the various dangerous foods to avoid if you have high blood pressure and diabetes and I believe you will learn so much from this and it will be useful to your health

In our previous post, we have discussed more on sugar related diseases called diabetes and how to manage it naturally which the link is posted below as you read on with this article. 

Diabetes and high blood pressure are more common in many part of the world especially in America and Africa for people who are over 50 years and I felt we need to discuss more on the dangerous food to avoid for diabetes and hypertension so that we can all learn and live a healthy life free of excess sugar.

In our previous post, We learn that both diabetes Type 1 and Type 2 are both caused by obtrusion in the operation of the insulin which is situated in the bile. That is when the insulin secreted in the bile isn’t enough in supply. Now, instead of drugs and medication, we looked at the natural ways which it can be treated and managed through foods.

We also discussed high blood pressure related topics and ways to prevent and manage it even at matured age like around 50.

In the real sense, there are food that are not good for people with high blood pressure and diabetes because such foods could cause more havoc to the body system. Diabetic diets should be the diets that helps the body to produce more insulin unlike the worst food. 

So, these foods should be avoided for diabetic and hypertensive people and these foods are;
1. Excess Fried food: when we talk about the dangerous foods people who are over 50 need to avoid especially if you have either type 1 or type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure, you need to avoid fried foods. Avoiding this will make you healthy and safe from sudden attack and with time, you may even be cured of the diseases. Fried foods contain animal fact which can block blood vessels when taking in excess and many have high sugar contents in them.
2. Excess Processed foods: processed foods are also one of the worst food for high blood pressure and diabetes, and should be avoided like plague. Processed food are preserved and prepared with salt while some still contains fat especially canned fish, meat or junks which isn’t a good diet for diabetes. Process food also contain large amount of salt which also alters heart operation.

3. More Junks: Eating more of junks foods such friend rice, fried chicken, snacks, meat pie, egg role, chin chin etc. are also one of the dangerous food for diabetes and should also be avoided especially if you are over 50 years. Junk are prepared from animal fat, salt, some contains butter, oil, margarine and many more.

4.  Ripe fruits: Ripe fruits like plantain, pawpaw, orange, apple, pineapple are not recommended as best diets for diabetes and hypertension.

So, I will rather suggest diabetic and hypertensive people should go for unripe fruits which contain no sugar or sweet taste but still supplies the vitamins and minerals it contains.

5. Cakes: If you are diabetic or you are living with high blood pressure, then do not eat cakes because its too dangerous to your health. I do tell people that cakes are for young people, children and little size are recommended for adult but a bad or worst food for diabetic patients. Cakes contains high amount of sugar, salt, butter, margarine, salt etc. which makes it a bad choice of diet for diabetes.

6. Eating Mayonnaise: Mayonnaise is a no go area if you have diabetes and high blood pressure.Mayonnaise contains fat and considerable amount of salt in it and that is why it’s being categorized among the worst food for diabetes.

7. Sugary Soft drinks: I will like you to know that the primary raw material of soft drinks is industrial sugar. When you drink soft drinks, it supplies more sugar to the body cells which out more pressure on the bile and it may breakdown the secretion of insulin. Also excess sugar in the body causes heart issues for people with hypertension.

8.  Drinking Alcoholic drinks: Like I said earlier for soft drinks, the primary raw material of alcoholic drink is industrial sugar and other drugs. When you take alcoholic drinks, it supplies more sugar than required to the body cells which out more pressure on the bile and it may breakdown the secretion of insulin. It means alcoholic drinks are too dangerous for aged men and women with high blood pressure.
9. High calorie foods: Foods like yam, coco-yam, bread, cake, potato etc. are high in calories and it’s being known to add more sugar to the body since they are known as complex carbohydrates and the end product of all type of carbohydrates is sugar that is glucose.

10. Barbecue: Barbecue is not recommend for diabetes and high blood pressure because it's too risky, and you need to desist from eating it or you increase the sugar contents of your body which the little amount of insulin won’t be able to breakdown. Barbecue is prepared with salt, sauce which may contain sugar and more salt, animal fat and others.

In conclusion:
Just as discussed in the article above, the worst foods for people who have diabetes, high blood pressure and should be avoided are discussed which includes barbecue, high calorie foods like bread, alcoholic drinks, soft drinks, mayonnaise, cakes, ripe fruits,  foods, junks and processed foods. Thanks for reading.
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