Jun 25, 2020

What are the Common Causes of Sleeplessness at Night? and How to Overcome it With Ease

If you are the type that experience lack of sleep at night or you suddenly begin to experience sleeplessness at night? You can overcome it by carefully reading the post and take useful ideas on this to solve this situation. Remember you need to see your doctor at first which seems to be one of the most important thing you do

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Today as you read on with this tips, we will be looking at the common causes of sleeplessness at night and how to overcome it with ease and without going to see a doctor. There are many cases of people finding it difficult to sleep at night and that is why we decided to throw more light on this so that you don't get your health deteriorates as a result of lack of sleep.

I will rather describe this post as a cure or solution for inability to sleep early. Few weeks ago, a friend of mine told me she does not know how to deal with a health such sleeplessness in the sense that she doesn't sleep early not until the time reaches around 10.50pm to around after one o'clock in the next day that when the sleep comes. She further narrated that this do affect his performance in the next day because he get tired and feel dizzy most times at work.

Sleeplessness especially at night also apply to many people who are too busy, due to worry, sadness, overworking, depression and many more. Some people find it difficult to sleep early and when the sleep early, they wake up again and begins to feel sleepy in the morning when they are suppose to stay active. I See this as a bad sleeping habit which occurs due to some reasons we will be discussing as you read on with post. 

If you are finding it difficult to sleep at night, or just early like other people do, i will recommend you find the cause or reasons for your sleeplessness, this will help you find a cure to the solution. I also throw the question to a doctor friend that "I find it Difficult to Sleep Early at night" and what can i do, he told me to follow the following tips and normal sleeping habit will be ensured. This involves;

1. Avoid Excess Caffeine: According to studies, one of the common causes of night sleeplessness in many people is as a result of excess caffeine taken that day. Many times, some of the things that cause sleeplessness or difficulty in sleep at night is the fact that you take too much caffeine which reduces your hours of sleep. 

caffeine is contained in coffee, some energy drinks, kola and etc. You might be thinking taking caffeine will give you energy but the after effect is lack of sleep at night. So, you can overcome this my doing away with caffeine or you can reduce it by drinking it occasional and not every time.

2. Avoid Stressful activities: One of the things that makes people not sleep well at night or early at night is stress. We noticed that some people don't know that they are even stressing themselves when they make it as habit to come home late, When you over-stress yourself believing you are working hard then the body get weak later in the night and you have problem of sleeping early at bedtime. You can start by reducing your workload and take time to rest. The solution to this with ease is to make sure you avoid stress, take some rest and you will be fine.

3. Avoid Working Late at Night: Late night work is classified under stressful activities especially if you do this many times in a week. If you are addicted to late night work, you will find it difficult to sleep early, all these are part of stress we are talking about. You need to do away with late night work and ensure your night is only meant to sleep and get prepared for the next day. We need to know that the body need some hours to rest and get replenished before the next day.

4. Avoid Eating Often at Night: For someone who love to eat super around night or 10 pm, at what time will such food digest. One of the things that cause sleeplessness at night for people and inability to sleeping early at night is when you eat very late at night. late night food is unhealthy because some of the food are not digested properly or the foods eaten are undergoing indigestion which disturbs your sleep. If you find it difficult to sleep early then eat early before going to bed. This will make you overcome sleeplessness with ease.

5. Eat Fiber and Fruits More: When i was observing i couldn't sleep at night, i opt in for fruits and it works well for me. Fruits contains vitamins and minerals that helps keeps the body and it cells active. Fibers also aids digestion fast which helps you to sleep early but if you don't usually sleep early at night, then eat more fruits and fiber foods.

6. Do Some Exercises: A woman came to me and she said "i couldn't sleep well at night? And i said have you tried exercising your body by doing slight jogging? She also said no. If your body lacks exercise, you will find it difficult to sleep early at night. The best exercise for sleeplessness is to walk some distance. I notice when i walk for about 30 mins or more, by the time i get home, i would be tired and within the shortest minutes am off to bed. That is one of the advantages of walking as an exercise because correct a bad sleeping habit.

7. Think Less: People who are worried often think more and the result is that they find it difficult to sleep well at night. They experience sleeplessness because they worry more.  If you are kind of person that do worry a lot then you might be having problems sleeping early at night or during the day. 

You may not need to worry about anything because thinking excessively with disturbs your brain and you find it difficult to sleep at night. Not only that, worrying or think too much may result to other health issues like insomnia, hypertension, high blood pressure which is very bad to the health. So, think less and sleep well.

8. Don't Drink or Reduce Alcohol: Another common cause of difficulty in sleeping at night is alcohol consumption. Some people takes alcohol because they want to sleep early but many time, reverse is the case here. It only works for few people but majority find it difficult to sleep due to hangover.

In conclusion

As discussed in the content body above, these are the cause or things that don't make you not sleep well at night and the easy solution are listed above. Just like i said earlier, the solution to sleeping early at night is to identify the cause of your sleeplessness and the solution follows. You just need to walk more or do other exercise, avoid too much caffeine, shun late night sleep/work, relief yourself of stress and you get better.
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