Jun 24, 2020

Ways Stairs Climbing Improves the Health Very Quickly Without Knowing

Comfort is good, taking the lift makes life easy and also makes work faster but when we begin to see climbing of stairs as a barrier, it might not be healthy. I can’t imagine someone using the lift to climb just one or two-storey building all in the name of modernization. Whereas some people do use their stairs as a tool to have a good health, a tool for weight loss and as a tool to eradicate dangerous diseases like obesity, hypertension, stroke and many more.

I never knew that the way I use the stairs in my place of work is to my own benefit because I use to think its just stress. Many times, I would use the staircase instead of using the lift which makes me breathe faster and stretches the body. I never knew I was doing my body good thing because it works a lot.

Later, I realize stairs climbing is a form of cardio exercises which seems to be good for the heart and other blood vessels and I don't know it even improve health fast and I don't even know.

How Stairs Climbing does exercise Improves the health very quickly without you knowing it? What a nice question we receive from one of our readers who want to know the various health benefits of stairs climbing which we will be proving answers to as you read on with this post on stairs climbing.

In our previous post, we have discussed the ways of boosting or improving our health through exercises especially the cardio exercise which is very effective and fast for weight loss but now, we will be seeing climbing of stairs like an exercise with so many health benefits

Stairs Climbing or using the stairs is one of the fastest ways to reduce obesity or burn excess fat which is one of the ways to stay healthy and prevents the body from diseases.

Some people refer to it as staircase exercise and some of the ways by which climbing or using the stairs can make you stay healthy or boost health Includes;

1. It build bones: If you ignore the lift and use more of the stairs especially if the building is more than 3 stairs, this could make your bones stay healthy and fit but you may not realize this at first only with time, that is when you know.

Since the bones are body framework which helps to make the body stand upright and for body balancing. Staircase climbing helps to prevent the bones from being brittle and make it stay strong as you move up and down the stairs. The joints in the bones are lubricated for easy movements.

2. It helps the heart: The best exercises that improve the heart and make it stay healthy very quickly for it operation without knowing this is that it works as a cardio exercise e.g. using the stairs. When you use the stairs more often and ignore the electronic lift, it makes you breathe faster which is a good exercise that helps the heart and it prevent diseases such as hypertension, cardiac arrest, high blood pressure, and stroke.

3. Blood Circulation: an important health benefit I noticed on stairs climbing Is that it makes the heart breathe faster and blood are circulated evenly through the blood vessels like arteries, veins, capillaries and many more which makes it heart and body healthy by efficient transport of blood and other materials.

4. Aid weight loss: The best exercise for weight loss is a cardio exercise such as climbing the stairs. Stairs climbing is very effective and helps to burn fat fast because blood are circulated fast and excess calories are broken down while the body experience fast metabolism.

This fast metabolism leads to fast digestion and breakdown of foods which burns fat. So, I suggest people are obese or overweight should try as much as possible to climb the stairs more than the slim one because it’s healthy and helps to lose weight without side effect or complications.
5. Relief stress: another way climbing the stairs can improve the health or boost the health quickly is that after using the stairs for few times per day or in a week, it helps you get relief of stress. This relaxes the muscles and veins which keeps the heart healthy and stress free. It also makes the brain get calm and relaxes the body cells as well.

6. Burn fat: If you are obese or overweight, you can burn your body excess fat very quickly through this method by using the stairs more than using the lift. The lift is a good technology which makes things fast and you arrive at your office or destination fast but not for the overweight or obese people because they can burn extra fat by moving up and down the stairs.

7.  Its cheap and Effective: there are several health benefits of using the stairs which we don't seems to know and it includes prevention of diseases, prevention of heart related diseases, weight loss, fast digestion, fast metabolism and many more but these are the benefit the heart or the body enjoys all for free.

It means you don’t need a trainer, you don’t need an expert to climb stairs, you don’t need to pay huge to buy a lift because it’s already included in the building and many more all for free.

In other words, climbing the stairs is beneficial to the health because it improves the health system very fast and I will advise us to do it a little bit more. It can be very stressful, tiring and inconvenient but it is good for the heart, for weight loss and body fitness as a whole.

In conclusion, the ideas discussed above are the advantages, benefits and ways using the stairs improves our health. Stairs climbing is cheap and effective, it burns fat, it relief stress, it aids weight loss, it ensures blood circulation, helps the heart and build strong bones as well. Thanks for reading.
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