Jun 30, 2020

How to Lower Blood Pressure Without Taking Tablets or Spending Lot of Money

How can i reduce my high blood pressure without taking drugs or spending too much? The truth about lowering high blood pressure is that is not so easy to manage and it may be expensive simply because you need to but drugs, you need to check your blood pressure regularly.

you need to go see the doctor and you need to buy prescription drugs which seems to be on the high side when it comes to price and many of us may not be able to afford.

High Blood Pressure occurs when the reading of the blood pressure that is the systolic reading and diastolic reading seems to be higher than the normal and this have a huge effect on the rate at which which the heart pumps blood and when left untreated, it may lead to death of an individual. 

High blood pressure have been seen as one of the major cause of death all over the world but common in many part of Africa, America and some part of Europe.

But lowering a high blood pressure solely depends on what the doctor prescribe on the patient, some medications such as the use of drugs like amylodipine and other expensive drugs just to keep the heart and blood pressure back to its normal position. 

But as you on with this post, we will be looking at the various ways by which the high blood pressure can be lowered without the use of tablets, drugs like amilodipine and not spending much money on this. This is more like home remedy for treating high blood pressure and making it get lower back to the normal state. 
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Some of the ways anybody can lower high blood pressure without spending much money or taking expensive tablets includes;

1. Ensure to Lose Weight : One of the simple ways to lower your blood pressure to its normal state is to ensure your find simple working ways to lose weight. Getting rid of your excessive fat in the body is one of the best ways to do this without seeing a doctor or using pills

 This can be done by doing simple and gentle exercises like walking, running, jogging and reducing your fatty food intake. 

As you engage in any weight loss method through exercise and dieting, you will burn excess fat, you shed excess unwanted calories and al this will help in bringing back to normal the pumping of blood to other part of the body. Do this and you will be happy you did because you wont be spending lot of money or taking any pills for your controlling your blood pressure.

2. Through Simple Exercise : Just as it was clearly stated above that one of the ways we can lower our high blood pressure if you have any is through weight loss method like doing some exercises. All these exercises can be done in the comfort of your home, at the gym, through manual or electronic machines and many more. 

Good and recommended exercise for this includes running, jogging, speed walking, cycling, jumping, yoga and many more. Exercises allows easy and even circulation of blood from the heart, through the blood vessels and to other part of the body which keeps the heart safe and pressure normal.

3. Eat Good and Healthily: You can also reduce your high blood pressure without a doctor, tablets, pills or buying expensive medications only through what you eat since we are what we eat. The major cause of issues of blood pressure originates from what we eat and to treat it locally by self still depends on what to eat or what we eat. 

You only need to eat more vegetables, fruits, vitamins, drink more water and avoid sugary drink and many more balance diet. 

Ive had so much discussion about high blood pressure with health experts and many will tell you that you need drugs but nutritionist will tell you that you need good food like more veggies. 

4 . Reduce Sodium Consumption; If you look at some of the causes of high blood pressure or what raises the blood pressure in people, you will see that sodium is also a leading cause and it is found in tablet salt we use at home. 
Our home or local salt contains sodium ion that causes increases the blood pressure in the body when its becomes too much in the body system. To avoid spending lot of money on high blood pressure or using tablets, take precaution by reducing your salt in take and it solve the situation gradually.

5. Reduce Excess Alcohol Intake: If you are the type that take alcohol and you have high blood pressure, the best home treating you can use to treat this or reduce it, is to abstain from the alcohol like beer or rum intake. 

Alcohol is a drug and if you have a high blood pressure and still take it, then your blood pressure might increase but you can reduce it by through reduction of alcohol, spirit, vodka beer, rum and many more.

6. Just Quit Smoking: If you are the kind of person that smoke cigarette a lot and you have high blood pressure, the best home remedy for you to lower or reduce it, is to leave smoking completely. Smoking of cigarette exposes the body to cancerous growth and other health issues. 

Smoking can also increase the rate of blood pressure but if you put a stop to smoking, you will be healthy without the use of drugs and spending lot of money to get a lower blood pressure instead of high blood pressure. 

7. Avoid Taking Caffeine: One of the ways to reduce or lower your blood pressure to its normal reading or state without taking tablets or without spending lot of money is to cut your intake of caffeine. This can be done by taking less of caffeinated drinks, coffee drinks, energy  drinks and many more.  

 When the body accumulate too much stress, it may lead to blood pressure becoming high. And one good way to lower high blood pressure without spending so much money and drugs/Tablets is to avoid stressful things. 

And don't always think because it put more pressure on your body, watch comedy films, shows and be in happy mood always.

In conclusion
As you've seen in the content which was discussed above, you will see that it makes a lot of sense to treat and lower your high blood pressure without spending lot of money and taking any tablets if you avoid taking caffeine, if you quit smoking, if you avoid stress, if you reduce salt and sugar intake, if your exercise your body, if you lose weight and if you do away with alcohol. Thanks for reading.
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