Jun 22, 2020

How to Lose Weight Quick Without Spending Any Money During Pandemic

The truth is that many of us are not losing weight because we are at home observing the lockdown and social distances which determine how we get exposed to corona virus. But at this time of pandemic, many people are getting fat and finding it easily to lose weight. If you are in this category, this health article is for you.

This is the most trying time for most people in many part of the world because of the pandemic being experience at this period of corona virus outbreak. We all have been locked up in the house without going out or engaging in any activities but just to stay at home and stay safe from this deadly virus.

But while many of us are still at home, we eat; we sleep, and do one or two things with little or no physical activities while some still try to do a few session of moving round and other exercises. All these eating with no exercises will definitely make us experience slow digestion; slow metabolism and we begin to get fat either as a man or woman during the pandemic. 

Some of you won’t know they are getting fat until you see any of your friends recently that tells you you’ve changed a lot or if you check the scale to know if you have added some weight.

So the best way to lose weight quickly without spending any money during the pandemic is to do the following listed below. They are listed based on their importance and effectiveness. These include;

1. Cardio exercises: One of the ways you can lose weight without spending any money or much money while observing the curfew at home is to do some cardio exercises. Cardio exercises are exercises that make you breathe faster and faster. These types of exercises includes staircase climbing, skipping with the jump rope, fast running, fast jogging, plank exercises, cycling very fast and many more. 

These cardio exercise help burn fat really fast and ensure blood are well circulated the blood vessels which makes you burn fat fast. 

2.  Exercises: Not all weight loss ideas involves cardio, some simple exercises such as running, jogging, speed walking, walking, cycling etc are all good at this time of pandemic or stay at home.  Exercises during the curfew time is the best, it makes you fit, healthy and keeps you balance in stamina and also light in weight. 

So, if you need weight loss tips which requires you to spend no dime, all you need is to find time to exercise your body. You will get to see more of our exercise tips by subscribing to www.vicihores.us

3.  Sports:  I still see few people around my area playing football every evening while I saw some playing basket ball and I joined them too. All these sports are form of exercises which keeps the body slim and fit and I can tell you most sport are free and inexpensive but works very well. Within a week of playing basket ball regularly, I noticed I have lost some weight and it helps.
4. Eating Less of high calorie foods: You and I can fast track a weight loss process for free without spending much money at this time of corona virus pandemic simply by eating less of high calorie foods. High calorie foods like fatty foods, heavy foods, snacks, can make you slim or lean as you want it. 

If you want a fast result on losing weight while staying at home, then what you need is to eat less while exercising your body using our ideas discussed above.

5. Avoid junks: Now that the pandemic is still on in many part of the world, you may try to avoid taking too much of junks like snacks, cakes, fatty biscuits and other processed foods. Most processed foods are prepared using animal fat and preserved with salty or sugary components which can make you go fat. 

So, one of the steps in losing weight fast during the curfew time like this is to avoid junks or probably eat less of these foods.

6. Eat less of sugary foods: I never knew taking too much of sugary food items like soft drinks, biscuits, cakes, candy, chocolates etc all contributes to the level at which the body accumulate fats in the body. 

One of my aunt look so fat with big hips and she’s been looking for weight loss tips and still exercise her body every morning. She’s not losing weight because she’s addicted to taking soft drinks like more than 3 bottles a day. 

7. Taking moderate amount of coffee: It might not work for some people but coffee also makes people smart and it can also increase your body metabolism rate. Except for those who are hypertensive or migraine, taking some coffee can also be used for weight loss at this time. It’s not only during work you take coffee but you can also take some coffee during the curfew period like this. 

8. Fruits and Veggies: Vegetables and fruits also play important part in losing weight fast at this pandemic period simply because most fruits and vegetables are rich in vitamins, minerals and fibers which helps in body development and other processes like digestion, metabolism and fighting diseases. 

9. Walking: Walking also works like magic only if you know how you can use it to achieve what you want. It simple, you only need to walk few meters or kilometres like 2km to 3km daily which you can easily do in the evening period. 

If you are not chanced to go for, you can walk up and down the street for few times and that is enough for the day. Walking is a form of exercises that also works fast if you want it simple, free and cost free without paying any money to anyone or spending money on buying anything. 

In conclusion, as we have discussed in the article body above, we discussed that there are many ways to lose weight fast during the pandemic like this and these ways includes taking more fruits and vegetables, avoiding too much of sugary foods, more walking, more exercises, more cardio, avoiding junks, taking moderate amount of coffee, doing some sports and avoiding high calorie foods. Thanks for reading.
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