Jun 23, 2020

How to Keep the Lungs Safe and Healthy Against Coronavirus Without Spending Much

If you are a smoker or you aren't smoking type but you feel it is necessary to keep you lungs save at this time of corona virus outbreak, then this post is for you to learn free ways on how to do that since corona virus attack the lungs thereby resulting to death of people in many part of the world. It means that this is not the time for smokers but you need to just quit it. 

What are the ways to keep the Lungs Safe and healthy against corona virus without much spending money.

So many questions on how can I keep my lungs safe and healthy from corona virus without spending much? How can I protect myself from this virus? Can the virus not affect me because I live in hot tropical area? All these questions are going to be answered as you read on with this post.

I was just chilling at home when I receive a call that the National commission for diseases control (ncdc) are present in my office area and so many people are in attendance waiting to know what is happening. Few minutes later, I got a call that someone died in the area and the body was tested positive immediately to show the disease died of corona virus.

If you are still doubting the virus, it means something is probably wrong with you and you need serious medical examination. But for areas where the virus is not much or never been circulated, then you need to protect your lungs through the ideas shared here.

The truth is that coronavirus also known as Covid-19 is deadly diseases that affect the lungs and it kills at a very fast duration. The care of the lungs starts from the nose and you shouldn't be expose your nose to unnecessary dust, gas or air without filter at this time of curfew where everyone is at home.

You can then keep the lungs healthy and safe from Covid-19 at this time through the following;

1. Use face mask: One of the ways to protect your lungs safe and healthy from coronavirus at this period of curfew which requires no spending is to use a face mask or nose cover. Face mask is one of the best way to prevent contacting corona virus because it filters the air before getting into the lungs which may affect the respiratory tract if contacted.

The face mask also help prevent the spread of the deadly virus in case you have someone who is infected or probably sitting next to an infected person. Even if the lock-down or curfew is going to be relaxed, then everyone need to go out face mask. To the extent that no face mask, no going out as the government have warned.

2. Nose filter: the nose air filter is synonymous to using a face mask which helps to prevent the lungs from contacting the Covid-19 virus or spreading it. The nose mask or PPE is very recommended especially if you are a health experts such as doctors or nurses.

Although the government and some private companies are really supporting in the provision of PPE to the people and for nurses and doctors as a preventive measures against corona virus.

3. Stay at home: I really don't know what is wrong with some people who refuses to stay at home during the pandemic time like this. Some people are really very annoying because with the statistics of infected people and death, they are still doubting if corona virus is real or not.

But I will like to inform you that now that after consulting the most experienced doctors and virologists in the world, the best way to protect your lungs and keep it safe and healthy from covid-19 at this time of curfew is to stay at home.

Staying at home keep you safe from any unsafe air, keep you save and prevent you from exposing your lungs to polluted or infected air. Because you don't stand any chance of meeting up with any infected fellow when you are at home but going out is unsafe.

4. Do not smoke: I was very annoyed when and worried when I see some young people still smoking cigarette at this period. So, is it because you have read it somewhere that corona virus can't withstand heat and you started inhaling smoke? This is very wrong and unhealthy.

Smoking expose
and predispose dispose your lungs to diseases which corona virus is a good example. Since, no report in the world have indicated that smoking can cure or prevent corona virus, them you need to stay away from smoking

5. Take more fruits: At this time when almost everybody in the world
 is under the curfew, it's safe and healthy to eat more fruits so as to keep your lungs safe, good and operational without spending any money. Fruits like oranges, cucumber, lemon, pineapple, cabbage, watermelon, strawberry, grapes, etc are good to keep the lungs safe and protected.
Fruits contain vitamins, minerals and other agents that repairs worn out tissues not only in the lungs but in other cells, organs or systems in the body. Fruit takers usually have high immune system which helps build large number of antibodies in their cells and it also help fight diseases. Coronavirus is never an exemption especially with fruits with high Ph like grapes, lime, oranges, ginger, garlic etc.

6. Drink warm or hot water: This is not a fallacy but a tested information that regular drinking of warm or hot water also help keep the lungs safe, healthy and protected from corona virus without buying any drugs or spending any money. If collective signs and symptoms of corona virus includes coughing, sneezing, pneumonia symptoms, nasal congestion and many more. But hot substance like hot tea and other can make you healthy at this time.

In conclusion, as we've discussed in the article body above, we pointed out that wearing of face mask, nose mask, taking hot water, regular intake of fruits, staying at home and avoiding smoking of weed or cigarettes can help prevent the lung from corona virus at this present time of curfew. Thanks
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