Jun 21, 2020

How to have a good health without going to the hospital during pandemic time

Having a good health in a pandemic period without going to the hospital is one idea I feel like sharing to our readers so that we can be safe. The pandemic periodic is a time of disease outbreak, a time of health hazards spreading like wildfire but not really a time of panic like some people feel but in the actual sense the pandemic period is such a busy time where people don't really go to the hospital due to the influx of many cases at that time.

At this time, we are experiencing the world deadly pandemic time of covId-19, we will be looking at Corona virus pandemic, and as you read on, we will be looking at ways of having a good health during this time because we just need to survive this and live not only just staying at home doing other simple things that ensure our health is our priority.

Because the hospital is not safe at this time but the wise people say that prevention is better than cure. For now, no drugs have been proven or announced to fight the corona virus but people use natural remedy to boost their immune system and also with some other recommended drugs still at this time we can make our health have a good boost simply by following some instructions in order to avoid getting this virus called covid-19 ravaging the world now..

When you watch the news, you will notice that people are suffering from Corona virus but the elite or the intelligent ones are developing ways of boosting their health which makes them safe virus.

I have seen many results on news and social media on how people die in hundreds and thousands so I decided 2 enlightening my readers on the freeways and what to do to have a good health at this pandemic.

Now, without me without wasting too much of our time I would like us to consider a lot of factors which seems very important at this time. And these facts were proven by WHO stating that some people are symptomatic while some people are asymptomatic. 

WHO also claim that people who are over age 65 and above are vulnerable and that they can easily contact and get infected by this deadly virus as well as people who have existing sickness such as hypertension, Stroke, diabetes high blood pressure and many more to have a good health without going to the hospital which saves time and it is very effective.

 So, the following ways to have a good health at this time include; 

1.  Exercise: exercising the body helps get rid of sickness, diseases and it keeps the blood circulate around the body system evenly which prevents life threatening diseases, and can never make you go obese. Have you noticed that, many people in different countries are at home at this time without exercise, some are getting obese while some are suffering from an illness or the other? 

So, in order to avoid this you need to exercise your body more by engaging in simple exercise such as cycling, working, jogging, running, skipping and many more if you do this many times in a week you will be healthy and I believe nothing will make you visited a doctor for one evening or the other as long as you don't have the Corona virus. 

2. Cardio exercise: These are exercise that makes you breathe faster, cardio exercises are very effective in maintaining the body stamina, circulation of blood, prevention of obesity and it keeps the heart free, safe and operational examples of this cardio exercises are climbing the stairs, skipping, cycling, fast jogging, running, hurdles and many more.

3.   Veggies and fruits: The most important thing to do at this time of pandemic is eat lot of fruits and veggies. Fruits and vegetables are very rich in vitamin and minerals. The vitamins and minerals help boost the body immune system which prevents the body from diseases other virus. Vitamins in fruits, vegetables also help increase body digestion. 

You can continue to eat more fruits either in their fresh or raw state garnish in food or as early morning juice t ensure the body have all these vitamins and minerals. Fruits like oranges, strawberries, grape, apple, pineapple, mango, cucumber and many more also contain some essential vitamins and minerals that fight any disease in the body. 
4.  More Water: one of the best things to do to have a good health without seeing a doctor or without going to the hospital is to drink more water. Water is good for the body because it helps in digestion process, dissolving food, breakdown of food substance, and cell metabolism which I believe we all need to have in our body system. 

This time is not a tie of taking too much of sugary things, beer, hot drinks but water. Research claim the body need enough water every day and more than 6 glass cups of water is not too bad for your body and cell operation.

5.  Go Low on sugar. The pandemic time is not a time of eating too much of sugar or sugary drinks due to inability of the body to go out, low physical activities because of the stay at home order and I believe that continuous intake of sugary foods can make you gain weight. 

Too much of sugary food intake could make you get fat, have low body and cell metabolism, slow digestion and many more. If you know you don鈥檛 want to get sick or visit a doctor during this time, then you need to cut low on sugar. 

6.  Alcohol and beer: Especially during this time that we are experiencing corona virus case, it is not advisable to start drinking beer or alcohol at this time simply because it causes reduction in the body metabolic activities. 

The end product of alcohol is sugar while sugar is also converted to glycogen which is a fat component. That is what makes some people who take soft drinks excessively get fat or experience indigestion and obesity.  

7.  No smoking: Smoking of cigarettes or weed should be prohibited at this time. Smoking may lead to problem associated with the lungs while corona virus also attacks the lung first. It is a deadly virus that kills faster than any other diseases. 

If you smoke, then you are exposing your lungs to having this virus. In order not to find you in the hospital getting down with covid-19, then stay away from smoking. 

In conclusion, based on what was discussed in the post contents above, I believe you must have learn few ways you can stay healthy at home without going to the hospital at this time of pandemic. All you need to do is to avoid drinking too much of alcohol, beer, avoid smoking, eat lot of vegetables, exercise your body, drink more water, do some cardio exercise and only go out when necessary. Thanks for reading
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