Jun 29, 2020

Home Remedy to Chest Pain Caused by Lifting Heavy Objects in Both Men and Women

One of the ladies in my street do complain of chest pain whereas she’s being to the doctor, complain many times and she was recommended for drugs and other therapies. But if you are man or woman who have chest pain based on previous activities you’ve done that involves lifting of heavy items or probably you work is a rigorous one? You can do this at home if its a mild case and you will be free of chest pain doing it yourself without going to the hospital.

If you've found us through your Google search on health related topic, I think you've come to the right health site simply because what we do basically on this site is to provide solutions to your health problems inform of free health related articles to solve your problem and we also implore you to see your doctor with immediate effect.

But as you read on today, we will be discussing the home remedy or home treatment for chest pain in men and women caused by lifting of heavy objects either young or old. What is Paramount is just for you to be relieved of chest pain within the shortest period or over a long period of time.

When it comes to disease cure or solutions to health problems like chest pain especially in women, which we are talking about now, everything is not about tablets but simple understanding of how things works can actually be applied and the pain reduces. In health, the best form of treatment of chest pain is to prevent it at the initial stage and this is the basis of home remedy as a means of treatment without going to see a doctor. Seeing a doctor help you determine the root cause of the chest pain to know if it is not cardiac issues or heart related problem.

What are the home remedies to do for chest pain caused by lifting of heavy objects either as a man or woman? We are writing this post due to the experience I have on the treatments of chest pain which most people complain of every time and the best medical information was able to treat it through the help of a doctor.

What Causes Chest pain in people? Chest pain may be caused by lifting of heavy objects like machine, woods, ceramics, water and many more overtime. It can also be from hard work from stressful work relating to lifting of heavy object. But the situation I was talking about earlier is that my sister gave birth to a big baby and the more she back the baby and combining it with other house chores, she started having pains in her chest even as a nursing mother. She went to the hospital, complained to the doctor and the doctor gave some health ideas which helped the lady cure such chest pains.

Another similar case was the kind of work a guy did many years ago in the factory and now, he's suffering from severe chest pain, if you are in this category, and the home treatment is valid for you to be relieved of your chest pain.
And for my sister who complained of regular chest pain, because I was there when she went to see the doctor, all the treatments, cure and prevention of chest pain caused by carrying heavy things are discussed in this article as you read on with this post.

The cure or home remedy to chest pain caused by heavy objects includes?

1. Ensure you see a doctor? Even if you can’t see a doctor immediately, put a call across to your doctor telling him or her about your pain. One of the ways to know if the chest pain is caused by lifting heavy things or a heavy object is to see the doctor. Only the doctor can run a check to know if the chest pain is due to carrying heavy load and possible treatment will be administered immediately. 

Contacting a doctor also helps to prevent self medications which are bad to the health. So, if you are experiencing a chest pain, try to see the doctor immediately or request for a medical expert with immediate effect which can be done from home inform of home service.

2. Shun Lifting of heavy object; one of the instruction most doctors give concerning carrying heavy items is that any man or woman with or experiencing chest pain should stop lifting heavy objects with immediate effect. Like the lady with chest pain, the doctor instructs the lady to stop backing her plump baby for a while and it really work well for her. So, for people whose jobs requires lifting of heavy goods, objects or machines, I will suggest you use a carrier or help so as to prevent yourself from chest pain.
3. Recommended Pain killers; as a young or matured man and woman, if you are experiencing a chest pain cause by carrying heavy goods or objects, contact your doctor because only the doctor can prescribe pain killers for you to use. One of the best solutions to chest pain is to use pain killer drugs prescribed by the physician. There are many pain killer drugs that are very effective and cheap to buy. Just go to the drugs store and purchase one but after 2 days without getting better, just stop the drugs immediately and report back to the doctor.

4. Avoid Excessive cold drinks; Let go of cold drinks or avoiding too much of cold drinks if you have chest pain is also a home remedy or treatments. One of the things you can do to find cure to chest pain caused by lifting of heavy objects is to avoid cold drinks at that period. Cold drinks don’t go well with chest pain because it may even cause more serious chest pain and other symptoms. 

5. Drink Hot or warm water more: another home treatment you can to do find cure to chest pain which may be caused by lifting or carrying heavy objects is to drink warmer or hot water rather than cold water as explained earlier in (5). Drinking hot drinks during chest pain is very good because it reduces the pains on the chest area and the chest pain may vanish with time.

6. Study your habit/event: one of the ways to find solution to your chest pain is to study your habit or what you are doing or carrying at that particular time. Within 2 to 3 days, you can figure out the real cause of the chest pain so as to discontinue what you are carrying at that time. For instance, when I was in the rural areas for community services, I noticed that I do have chest pain due to the heavy of plastics filled with water that I use to carry at that time. 

What I do most time is to figure out my activities at that time which I notice is the heavy water I was carrying at that time. I stop carrying this plastic where I paid someone to do that for me and after few days the chest pain disappeared. This is a very good solution to the chest pain you might be having now.

In Conclusion, the possible home remedy to chest pain due to carrying heavy objects  for men and women, guys and ladies, young or old as discussed above should be acted upon so as to stop the chest pain. But if you don’t have chest pain and you just want to prevent it, you can just study the ideas put together here and use it to prevent the chest pain. Better still, study your activities at that time, learn to drink hot water in the morning, avoid cold drinks, use pain killers and you should contact your doctor as fast as possible if you are noticing some pains on your chest area. Thanks for reading.
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  1. I love some of your blog post because you really post some useful stuffs for all if us to learn from. But for me, I noticed when I carry anything heavy, I have pains on my chest but when I stopped, the pain stopped. Thanks

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