Jun 16, 2020

Can Prank Exercise Reduce Belly Fat Faster Than Any Other Exercises?

Few weeks ago, I noticed my belly becoming bigger and round. People around the neighborhood especially my friends; siblings and relatives begin to tell me that my tummy is becoming too big like a 60 year old man. I didn’t find it funny at all because I didn’t see it myself but people are telling me and laughing at my big stomach.

Although I am an averagely build type, and round tummy seems to be a common battle for me but not the big belly that has surface at this time. If you also have your belly becoming bigger and protruding, and you seek good ways of getting rid of this big belly, then you need to read further on this post so as to get every tips shared.

Back to the topic, I checked numerous exercises I can do within my capacity but none seems to work. So, an expert introduced me to prank exercise claiming its one of the fastest way to get rid of belly fat. I checked, watched a lot of videos, and begin to practice prank exercise because it’s not easy.

Prank exercise is a good exercise that works for everyone who wants to reduce their tummy as quickly as possible. Prank is a cardio exercise which only last for few seconds or minutes. In my own case, started my prank with 50 seconds everyday and further raise it to around 50 seconds. Now, I can stand the test for about 55 or 60 secs. 

Prank is the only exercise I know that 60 seconds will be like 6 hours and it works like sit ups. You only lay with your chest facing down, rest on your elbows and toes and suspend your body and head facing straight as seen in the diagram below. After few days, I began to see some linings around my stomach area and I can tell you it works gradually. 

For me: I can answer the question with a yes answer that prank exercises are better than other exercises because I tried it and it works. It strengthen the stomach muscles just like sit ups and you may end up with packs if you don’t skip it and only if you are dedicated to the program every day. 

If you want prank to help you get rid of belly fat, all you need to do is to do it every morning when you wake up. It only takes just a minute which I believe is reasonable to some extent. If you can hold the tension, you can still go to wrongs after you must have rested very well.  You might not see it that you belly is reducing but you will later realize that you can wear shirt without feeling ashamed that you have a big tummy.

With Other Exercises
Prank also works well when done with other light exercises like jogging, running, cycling, skipping and many more. During the lock down period, I do my prank for about 50 secs, after then I run or jog and if I’m too tired, I go for the manual cycling machine for few rounds too.
After about 2 weeks, a friend who hadn’t seen for long said I’m lean and my tummy is reducing. I looked at him and I smile, since that is my goal even if I am not seeing the changes immediately. After a while, my girlfriend was like, you look trim and you need to still do more, if you try this, you will lose weight around your stomach area even more than any tummy exercise.

Other advantages of prank exercises
Aside the fact that prank exercise is a good exercise, it also helps to improve other areas of health such as;

Improving body stamina: When we talk about improving body stamina, we look at body balancing which can only be actualized by exercises like prank. I do these many times and it worked very well for me in terms of body balancing and fitness. I hardly fall and my walking seems firm to the ground. It means, prank exercise could be multi functional since it can reduce belly fat and also boost body stamina.

Improving digestion: I keeping writing these due to the experience I have staying at home and I noticed that when I started doing prank, I have seen the various benefits of prank to the body. It works very well for digestion issues, it help break food particles faster, get food dissolved faster and you feel very okay compared to other exercises which you might not even have time for. Some people will claim love to run, walk, jog, skip but time and other activities won’t allow them do such. Whereas prank exercise is done within 60 seconds with so much health benefit.

Eradicating diseases: Just like any other exercises, prank also performs the function of eradicating various types of diseases like hypertension, stroke, diabetes, obesity and other because it also allow the flow of blood from all round the body especially from the heart to other areas of the body.  Can Prank Exercise Reduce Belly Fat Faster Than Any Other Exercises? I think the answer is yes.

Improving mental activities: I was listening to an undergraduate claiming that he’s mental reasoning is very low but when he started exercising, he noticed a considerable boost in his mental activities. So, if you have anyone who is who want to get his big belly reduced and still have an improved reasoning. Few seconds of prank can go a long way in achieving it.
Improving cardio health: 

Why do people engage in exercise, not only to lose weight or lose belly fat but to get some diseases eradicated especially life threatening diseases like obesity, hypertension, stroke and many more. If you are engaged in prank, you get your big belly reduced and still make you heart healthy to prevent against heart diseases of any kind because prank is a kind of cardiovascular exercises. 

In conclusion,  from what we’ve been discussing in the article above, I believe you should convinced that prank can actually be used to get rid of belly fat like other exercises does. From what we learn so far, prank help circulate blood from the heart to other part of the body and systems. Thanks for reading.
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