Jun 22, 2020

Going to the gym or exercising at home during the Curfew Period, which is better?

Which is better between Going to the gym or exercising at home during the Curfew Period?

Now that everyone in many part of the world are experiencing curfew at the same time due to the outbreak of corona virus, we all need take caution and protect ourselves by staying at home and living healthy so as to protect and preventing our body exposure to the virus. All this was discussed in our previous post and I will like you to read more on that just by finding the article somewhere below as you read on. 

Now, we were made to know that the only sure way to stay healthy at this time of curfew is to exercise the body and I can categorically tell you that exercising your body is the best way to stay healthy and this you can get by doing few sessions of running, jogging, skipping, cycling, squatting, and many more, all which is done either at home of by going to the gym.

Now at this time of lock down, we will be looking at exercising at the gym or at home to know which the best is or which is better for us. We all know that exercising at the gym comes with lot of advantages and exercising at home also have it own advantages too. But what we will do is to compare their advantages and disadvantages and weigh it to know the preferred one i.e. either gym exercises or home exercises are the best.

Exercising at the gym: 
Going to the gym to exercise comes with lot of seriousness because it’s been paid for; you also have people or experts that monitor your progress. When you go to the gym, you have the chance or opportunity of meeting people who are also working out and you get motivated. At this time, some gym is opened for customers who want to exercise especially those are getting fat while at home. 

Another beautiful thing about the going to the gym to exercise is that there availability of various machines manual or electronic that can help you achieve your fitness without getting bored.

Disadvantages:  Gym exercises usually don’t come with disadvantages but at this time when everybody is observing the stay at home or curfew, it is necessary you stay at home. Like, someone died of corona virus in my area and the health authority where investigating the various places the man might have been to within that week. 

We got to know that this man went to the gym for exercise 3 days before he started getting weak and was isolated. 
People who were are the gym at that time including the gym owner and instructor, they were not much but they isolated and some of these people tested positive to corona virus. 

Apart from this, if you go to the gym at this time, you definitely disobey government order of staying at home to stay healthy. The beauty aspect of this is that you can actually do some of this at home and be safe. You lose money by paying for skeletal or incomplete service. On this note, it means going to the gym is not safe at this time of curfew and stay at home preventing contacting corona virus.

Exercising at home:
Many people might not find this interesting but I actually do and it works for me. Exercising at home is cheap, you don’t need to pay any fee, you don’t need to pay any expert, and you can do it at your leisure time. Exercising at home can be done in the morning, afternoon or evening since you aren’t going anywhere at the moment. 

You can also find it interesting by listening to music, watching TV or still doing some secondary house chores while you exercise especially if you have the manual or electronic static bicycle. If not, you can still run around your house and some family member’s will join and you find it interesting. 

Looking at the disadvantages of exercising at home, I really don’t see much but will point out a few like not getting motivated to jog or run, like not being in the mood due to one thing or the other, disturbances from children, friends or family and inability to focus compared to when you go to the gym with instructors and other people. 
Another shortcoming I see on trying to exercising at home is the fact that, you might lack resources like exercise gadget like walker, cycling machine etc but running doesn’t require all this but just space around your house or in front of your house. 

The Fact:
After a careful look at the many advantages and disadvantages of exercising at the gym and at home, both exercising method seems good and I can tell you going to the gym seem better because it comes with close supervision from instructor but now that the government have asked everybody to observe a curfew by staying at home, I will say going to the gym is at disadvantage here but staying at home and exercising is the best and better than going to the gym.

So collective, I will prefer you stay at home and exercise your body. Get some exercising gadget and if you couldn’t afford that now or you don’t have access to it, then you can still get jump rope for skipping, run round your house many time and you won’t believe how many distance you would have covered. So, exercising at home is better than going to the gym for exercise at this time of curfew and lock down. Thanks.
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