Non Surgical Ways to Lower Chronic Back Pain Without Surgery or Operation

I choose to write on non-surgical chronic back pain treatment due to the increasing demand of back pain patients and victims who prefer to go for surgery instead of getting simple back pain treatments and ideas that can help them lower their back pains without surgery or a operation. 

Unless if a surgery is required probably due to infection, tumor, bacteria or abnormal growth at the back if not, the ideas which are described as you read on with this post works fine for people and I believe it will also work for you too.

Chronic Back pains can be as a result of stress, hardwork, overworking, infection, malformation, tumor or growth, but can be treated without a surgery as you know that surgery might be too expensive or complicated based on the level of development in your area or unavailability of modern surgery tool for back pains.

The non surgical treatments to lower back pain without surgery or operation include;

1. Chiropractic Treatment: This treatment is very good for chronic back pain and has been proven to be very effective by doctors. Chiropractors helps to relief the spines, it also increases muscle treatments, allow free movement of joint and it reduces pains. 

You can go for chiropractic therapy few times per week or twice a month. This will make sure you don’t need a back pain surgery and get relief of back pains.
Non Surgical  Ways to Lower Back Pain Without Surgery or Operation

2. Acupuncture
:  This therapy is more common in countries like Japan, China, Korea and in Europe. It doesn’t involve any surgery but it involves the use of thin needles which are placed or inserted on the strategic points on the skin in line with the flow of “chi” without pains and it is very effective in relieving or reducing back pains without the option of surgery.

3.  Physical Therapy: another back pain treatments which requires no or operation surgery is ensure your patients or anyone suffering from back pain participate in exercise like walking, yoga, and most importantly stretches or stretching exercise. 

Stretching exercise that involves bending the body, sit ups and twisting of waist few times per week will make someone suffering from back pain get relief of these pains.

4.  Electrical stimulation:  This involves the use of machines like the fitness machine that operates on electricity which stimulates the back bones against possible pains. A good example of this kind of machine is a vibrator or electronic back massage equipment which works on every part of the body including the brain but more at the back because it increases movement among the back bones and the waist joints and muscles.

5 Massage: having your back massaged few times in a week or in a month is one of the best ways to get rid of back pain without surgery. If you are having pains at your back due to stress or overworking, you could get a massager or visit a massaging center just to get your body get some massaging which prevent back pains and I believe you don’t need a surgery for that.

6. Ultra sounds: This is the use of ultra sounds that is radiations like X-Rays to get relief of back pains. This may look expensive because it is mostly done by a radiographer but it is cheaper and can perform the same back treatments like surgery does. You can visit your doctor and get more inquiries on how to use ultrasounds to treat back pains.

7. Prescription drugs:  According to doctors and surgeons, it’s not every time you go for surgery but can do so only if you have tried pains prescription drugs recommended by your doctor and none of these drug are working which means the pain persist. 

So, you can consult your doctor for recommendation of drugs that can actually be used to treat back pains but I believe most pain killers and analgesic do cure back pains but most be recommended by your doctor.

8. Herbs: in the part of the country where I came from, we have some herbs that are very good for curing, healing and treatment of back pains. It’s not every time we use drugs for pains or go for any back pain surgery or treatments but some plants may act as anti pains and are very common even in your neighborhood. 

You can get this type of plant or herbs simply by making research or by asking herbal-medical expert to assist you in getting some of these herbs which will cure your back pains and you will forget going for surgery.

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9. Natural Supplements: some natural supplement can also do the work for you such as natural vitamins and food rich in calcium like fish, fish bone, milk, etc. Better still, you can also take vitamin and calcium supplements if you find it difficult to get some of these natural supplements.

In conclusion, these are the non surgical ways to lower back pains or to treat chronic back pains which are described above and I believe it will work for you too. You may not need to go for back pain surgery with these ideas but if you noticed you’ve done all these and the back pain persist, then you need to see your doctor as soon as possible. Thanks for reading.

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