How a contact Lens can make you go blind without Knowing

When I see young ladies use contact lens for fashion or wrong use, I pity these people because they might actually be on their way to becoming blind if care is not taken.
What are the ways you can get blinded by a Contact Lens without knowing? I was reading an article online where a lady shared her candid advice on the bad use of contact lens and how her sight result to blindness through the use of her contact lens. I thought contact lens does have more advantages and importance to health, to our sight and to beauty but when handled wrongly, it may result to blindness.

Previously, I have shared an article on the various benefit of using a contact lens, why you need to wear contact lenses and the difference in health benefit between sunglasses and contact lenses which I believe the post is listed below or as you read on with this post for further understanding. 

But today, I will be sharing the different does and don’t on the use of contact lens that can make you go blind with time.

Some of the reasons that can make your eyes go blind caused by contact lens includes;

How a contact Lens can make you go blind without Knowing

1. Infection: one of the things that make you lose your sight due to your contact lens without knowing it, is through infection. An infected contact is like an object which when infected with micro organism like bacteria or virus, it finds it way into the eyes and begin to cause various problem or the other through the growth of and spread these organism which gradually kills the optic cells that makes the eyes healthy. 

More and more infection on the eyes can gradually make you go blind with a more severe effect like total blindness later.

2. Self medication: some people or users of contact lens also do things that are absurd like self medication when it comes to eye problem. 

Can you imagine that someone is suffering from an infected contact lens, she experience tears stream and went to the chemist shop to buy eye drops for treatments because she knows that eye drops is used to treat eye related issues but this is very wrong self medication won’t do any change because it has not been recommended by your doctor. 

A wrong administration of unrecommended eye drops can even cause more damage and make you go blind just because of a contact lens.

3. Handling with wet fingers: you can lose your vision by handling your contact lens with wet fingers simply because wet fingers may introduce some microorganisms like bacteria, fungi or protozoa like Amoeba which may invade the cornea and cause a major problem to the eyes.  

As soon as the Amoeba enters the cornea, it invade the cornea which result to more eye pain because of the large contents of receptors in the cornea and lack of professional eye treatments in this regard may lead to blurry vision and blindness as the case may be. 

4. Saliva: I noticed that some ladies do wet their lenses with saliva before inserting it into their eyes, this is a wrong and unprofessional practice that can infect the eyes and result to blindness without knowing. 

Why not avoid going blind by using clean water and ensuring your hand are dry without saliva before inserting your contact lens. 

5. After Make up
: according to my research, some people go blind or lose their sight when they fix their contact lens after makeup which is really bad. Make up like spray, powders, hair spray, paints etc do have some chemicals in them as foundation but when you now decide to fix your lens after makeup, you might mistakenly introduce some toxic chemicals into your eyes which result to pains and other serious eye problem.

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6. Slow observation: this means even when you are observing some signs and symptoms like pains in the eyes, itching in the eyes or blurred vision and you still not consult your doctor, then you are on the verge of going blind because most people who go blind suffers severe or chronic eyes problem which could be treated earlier if you complain or consult your doctor as soon as possible. 

This can also be named as nonchalant attitude towards symptoms of blindness or other eye diseases.

In conclusion, these are the reasons why you contact lens can make you go blind without knowing. It has happened to people and it’s still happening but if you quickly identify some of these problem and report to your doctor or optician, then your sight and eyes will be safe. 

Consult your doctor, fix your contact lens before makeup, do not fix contact lens with wet hands or saliva, do not practice self medication for issues with contact lens, and treat infection with antibiotics or antiseptic eye drops duly recommended by a doctor. Thanks for reading.

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