Exercising and Getting Fat, What do i do?

I'm exercising and am still getting Fatter, What can i do? or i do i solve this? I was reading through my mails not long ago and a reader sent a mail and she said writer, I love your write ups especially on weight loss but I still get fatter despite the fact that I do lot of exercising. Indirectly, she is asking for solution to this problem of getting fat while doing work out.

I recently noticed that weight loss isn’t so easy as people think but there are rules that goes along with this which we will be explaining as you read on with this post. If you are doing exercise and still get fat, you need to note the following;

1.  Wrong Exercise: If you are engaged in different weight loss exercise and you still not losing weight, it may be that you are doing the wrong exercise. Wrong exercise is one of the causes of weight gain in people which makes them think they are doing some exercise still not getting any results.

 For instance, it not possible to use a medication for stomach pain for insomnia, as you see that the two sickness are very far from each other.

2.  Lack of Focus: If you are not focused on the weight loss program you are doing, instead of losing weight, you might probably be adding some more weight just because you are not focus. Lack of focus in losing weight brings about irregular trimming and can make you get fatter despite your exercise.

3.  Fatty Foods: If you are exercising your body and still notice you are getting fatter, check your food if you don’t have many fatty foods there. Fatty foods are high in calorie and when you continue to eat more fatty foods and exercising, your weight loss effort won’t be appreciated and you won’t lose any weight. To get the best result, you need to desist from eating fatty foods and focus on your weight loss exercise.

Exercising and Getting Fat, What do i do?

4.  Sugar: Just as I said above in number (4), exercising your body and still notice you are getting fatter may be due to excess intake of sugary food item. Soft drinks, sugary foods, cakes, chocolates, burger, juice may be liquid but they are also high in calorie. 
If you still eat more sugar or sugary foods, losing weight through diet and exercise may not be realistic and you may not lose any weight. To achieve your weight loss fast, reduce sugar, focus on your exercise plan and observe a fast change.

5.  No Cardio exercise: Cardio exercises such as fast running, jogging, skipping, cycling etc are what reduces weight fast but if you are not performing cardio exercise that will make your heart breath faster, you may never lose weight and still claim you are exercising your body with exercise that don’t work. 

If you don’t want to exercising and still getting fatter, please try as much as possible to do some cardio exercise. Apart from fast weight loss in the body, cardio exercise also helps to keep the heart healthy.

6. Lack of Rest or Sleep
: Sleep, sleep and sleep is a key factor to losing weight and staying healthy. If you are involved in numerous workouts and you seem not to give yourself from rest, then you are not doing the right thing. 

The best thing to do in order not to fat with exercise is to sleep, avoid stress, avoid late night work and give yourself some rest which will help you cool your nerves. 

7. Wrong Diet: Exercising and still get fatter occurs when the person involved still feed n wrong diet. Wrong diet in the sense that too much of oil, sugar, carbohydrates and many more will not do any good but will not cause any weight loss, this will get you annoyed and saying some exercise are not working not knowing you are the cause of your problems.

8.  No Medical Advice: You don’t just start a weight loss program or workout but you need to get your doctor inform. The doctor is the best person to tell you the kind of exercise that will works faster for you to lose weight. If you just choose any exercise and you might be wasting your precious time doing it. Instead you get fatter which I believe you will blame yourself for it later.

9.  No Coffee: Exercising with coffee brings a faster result for losing weight but some people choose the wrong liquid like sugary stuff or juice when running, they are only wasting their precious time doing that. Coffee burns fat faster than any other drug or food item.

10. Self Examination: People who do exercise and still complain of getting fat are people who do not monitor their weight loss progress which is bad. The only way you realize a kind of exercise is bad is to examine yourself by checking your weight as often as possible to see if there is any progress. 

As soon as you notice your are getting fat instead of losing weight, you should know such exercise is not really good for you and you stop it. 

These are things you need to do if you realize you are getting fatter while you are exercising your body. Try as much as possible to monitor your progress while exercising, reduce your sugar intake, reduce fatty food intake, seek medical advice, do some cardio exercise, sleep and be focus. This will help you lose weight rather than get fatter. Thanks for reading.

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