6 First Aid Treatments for Asthma Attack when Inhaler Isn’t Available

Asthma attack is a very delicate disease that can lead to death especially when inhaler isn't available but we are going to be looking at rescue situation on asthma attack either in children or in adult when the medication isn't available.

What do i do for Asthma attack when Inhaler Isn’t Available? 

I decided to a write a post on this topic based on what I saw in a school where an asthmatic student suddenly had an attack and the teachers were confused what to do before rushing the student to the hospital. 

In case of an attack or health issues, it’s not every time you rush someone to the hospital whereas you can perform some first aid treatments on patient before rushing such person to the hospital.

I stopped by at the school, do some first aid treatments and later the girl was taken to the hospital for further treatment for her asthmatic condition. Asthma inhalers are good for sudden calmness of the lung or throat in which a good example is the ventolin inhaler which was the exact inhaler the secondary school girl forgot at home probably while rushing for school.

So, if you notice someone around you is having difficulty in breathing, or the person suffers asthma attack when an inhaler pump is not available, then you need to do the following;

1. Whenever someone is having an asthma attack or symptoms at home without inhaler, you can use your freezer to cool down the effect. This can be done by opening the freezer, put the victim very close or as closer as you can so that the victim can breathe in the cold air which makes the person get instant relief of the attack but ensure the victim doesn’t get too cold..

6 First Aid Treatments for Asthma Attack when Inhaler Isn’t Available

2.  In a situation where there is no freezer, you can make use of the cold weather outside especially if the incident happened at night. Just make sure the asthma victim breathe in cold air but you may wrap the victim or patient with wrapper so as not to get too cold.

3. Another first aid treatment for asthma when there is no inhaler is to run hot water into the bathtub, do all the best you can do to ensure heat is enclosed inside the bathroom, let the asthmatic victim lie inside the bathtub for a while and I believe the person will regain a normal body condition through the fog from the hot water which are circulated in the bathroom.

4.  You can also make a victim of asthma regain normalcy simply by turning or switching the air-conditioned device  to cool or fan and put the unconscious asthma patient at the front of the air conditioner blowing cool, this will open the airways of the person suffering from the attack. 

5.  Another method that works for asthma when there is no inhaler is to put 1 or 2 oz of cokes or ice in the person mouth (victim), this will cool the nerves and allow passage of air in and out of the throat and the person regain his or her normal health condition. 

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6. Another method that works for asthma when inhaler isn’t available are the traditional first aid  method such as removing any object that could block the blood vessels like the wrist watch, the best, shoes, hand bands, bracelets and many more. 

And ensure you place the victim lie on a bed with the body facing up, you can also lay the person or the child on a bed with head resting on a pillow and providing artificial respiration for the victim.

In conclusion, if you don’t have inhaler or you forgot to take your asthma pump along when you are going out, ideas above are good, it works and I believe it will also work for you or your patient as well. Thanks for reading.

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