10 Ways to Maintain a Slim Thick Body Without Surgery at Home

According to the long term experience, I have noticed that people who are slim with thick body teds to get fatter after a while which may be due to lack of exercise, pregnancy, nature of job, childbirth, bad feeding habit etc but maintaining this slim thick body shape without getting fatter is a huge task for some people. We are providing this update to help prevent thick skin body from becoming fat at home.

How can I maintain my thick slim body Without surgery from home? I have decided to write on the ways to maintain a weight loss that is, a slim thick body at home based on my findings that we have more articles on weight loss, how to lose weight, how to lose belly fat, how to gain weight but few weight loss articles that teaches how to really maintain the weight which you have recently lose may be due to dieting or exercises.

Some people have slim thick body by hereditary which is by a way of inheritance while some strive to achieve their present slim body due to different weight loss programs, different weight loss diet and plan which has given them a good result such as a slim thick body but how to maintain the body so that they don’t get fat is what you getting as you read on with this post.

So, the best ways to maintain your slim body without surgery includes;

1. More Exercise: one of the best ways to maintain a slim thick body or to maintain a weight loss without surgery is to continue with the exercises that have made you slim down. Good exercises like jogging, running, cycling, walking, hurdles, swimming, skipping etc are examples of cardio exercise that will not make you grow fatter instead your stay slim. 

10 Ways to Maintain a Slim Thick Body Without Surgery at Home

2. More Walking
: Another good way to maintain a slim thick body or slim shape due to weight loss is to walk more. Walking helps the body burn excess fat and unused calories. Although walking may not be fast in losing weight or getting slimmer but it is very effective in maintaining a slim body due to even blood circulation and the working operation of the blood vessels. 

Instead of going out with your car especially on short distance, you can decide to walk more around the street, the neighborhood or to work/office on some days.

3. Less fatty foods: to maintain a thick slim body, you also need less of fatty foods like junks, fried foods, and food items prepared with animal fat, snacks and many more. 

Many of these contributes to fat accumulation in the body which makes thick people get bigger and fatter but when you eat less, you slim body still remains the same without much difference.

4 More fruits and Vegetables:  eating more fruits and vegetables can also be used to maintain a weight loss or a slim body due to the fact that many of these fruits contains fibers and water which aids digestion and weight loss. Fruit and vegetables also contain vitamins and minerals that help get rid of undigested food materials or excess fat in the body.

5.  More water:  Research claim that water doesn’t make people gain weight instead it helps the body lose weight because of its digestive ability and also to the fact that it helps to dissolve food particles and increases the body metabolic rate. 

These properties of water can make you get slimmer when you drink more water instead of beer or sugary stuffs.

6.  Less Sugar: a doctor said to a patient of mine when I took her for consultation about reducing her body fat, I remembered that the doctor advised this overweight lady to take less of sugar, less of sugary drinks, less of soft drinks, less of sugary juice and many more if she really want to really lose her weight and stay slim.

7.  Drink Coffee:  you can also stay slim and slimmer at home without surgery if you cultivate the habit of drinking coffee especially if you are of the plus size. Coffee contains caffeine which gives energy and also it makes the brain stay very active for few period of time,  that is the reasons people who drink coffee don’t usually get tired easily at work and that can help burn off few calories in the body that will make you slim or maintain your slimmed body. 

8. Sleep well:  Good sleep also helps to maintain a weight or slim thick body because it cools the nerves, it makes brain get some rest and it prepares the body for the next minutes or the nest working day. 

But when you work too hard or when you are stressed up, you may even get fatter because of your slow body metabolism and more consumption of any available foods.

9.  Less bread: If you really like to maintain your weight or maintain your thick slim body/shape without surgery, you need to reduce your excessive bread intake. I noticed that I started having an increased weight and big belly when I started eating more bread daily like 2 times per day which is too much and I know but I was too busy to eat good food. 

But when I reduced the bread consumption, I noticed a drastic reduction in the size of my belly. It means that bread is a high calorie food because it contains sugar, margarine, salt and other fatty contents.

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10. More fresh foods: fresh foods contains fresh vitamins, minerals, natural proteins and sugar that build the body or give energy but processed foods or fast foods contain high cholesterol and too much of animal fat that increases the body weight. 

It means if you want to maintain your body weight, you just need to eat more fresh foods and compare the weight result from now and then. Thanks for reading.

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