10 Quick Weight loss tips for Overweight Teens and Children

If your child is overweight and you need quick weight loss tips that can help reduce the excess fat in the body, then you are in the right path because on our discussion today, we will be looking overweight teens and children and how they could get rid of being overweight fast.

Have you noticed that more teens and young children are becoming obese and overweight these days probably due to overeating, bad feeding habit, lack of exercise while some are genetically induced that is inherited from parents. 

But I believe parents of overweight children shouldn’t get too worried about the health status of their children because this overweight condition can easily be corrected through various weight loss ideas discussed as you read on with this post.

Teens and other young children are experiencing some developmental changes in their body and their reproduction organs are gradually getting matured. This makes these teens eat anyhow and get obese even at their early stage of maturity.

I carefully studied the lifestyle of an obese boy in my area but as soon as the parent starts to monitor his feeding habit, his movements, his choice of food etc and this really help the boy lose some weight and gradually he is becoming normal bit by bit.

The 10 quick weight loss tip that helps overweight teens or children includes; 

1. More Exercise: I made some researches on the internet on how obese teens or obese children can lose weight and burn off excess fat fast and I realize that one of the things that work really fast and effective is to allow these children to exercise their body. 

You only need to ensure that your child or your teens also participate in school exercise and sport which are carried out during their sport time. It helps these obese teens burn off fat and calories in their body system and it also ensure circulation of blood which makes them healthy with increased metabolism.

10 Quick Weight loss tips for Overweight Teens and Children

2. More Walking: I also carefully noticed that the obese boy I was talking about had gone trimmed and slimmed down after 3 month simply because the mother didn’t allow him to go to school with school bus and car but encourage him to walk down to school in the morning and afternoon. 

This means walking is very effective in getting rid of childhood obesity quickly and can burn off excess fat in overweight children.

3. Martial Art: another  quick weight loss tips for overweight children to burn off their fat and look great is to get involved in martial art. I recommend parent of obese teens to get their kids involved martial arts class if there is a master for such in their school. 

Martial arts teaches teens and kids some discipline, respect for people, authority and builds their self esteem and confidence, and it also teaches self defense in addition to weight loss.

4. Some Sports: various kind of sports like football, athletics, long jump, cycling, pushups, skate board, skipping, sit ups, swimming are referred to as cardio exercise which are very effective in reducing weight fast especially in obese teens that find these sporting activities .interesting and fun like.

5.  Video games:  I have heard various testimonies of children and obese teens/kids online claiming video games helped them a lot in shedding their weight especially the video games that involve more standing and dancing which have assisted in burning off calories in the body.  

A good example of video games that help overweight children lose weight is the new game called yourself fitness (Xbox game with a PC version) and a PlayStation version released some years back.

6. Fitness Equipment: obese teens can also get rid of their excess fat by using effective fitness equipment like manual or electric walking machine, manual walker, stretcher, and many more. These fitness equipment helps to burn body fat and make you stay slimmer and not obese.

7. Eat Less: This goes to the parent of obese teens that childhood obesity can be prevented or cure by ensuring the child eat less quantity of food like carbohydrates, proteins, fatty foods, junks, snacks, doughnuts and many more. 

8. Fruits and Vegetables: I also recommend obese teens or overweight children to eat less more of fruits and veggies. Fruits contain more fibers, water and vitamin that aids digestion and prevent fat accumulation in the body just as vegetables does. 

So, the combination and consumption of fruits and vegetables is good for the body and a perfect diet for quick weight loss for overweight children and teens. 

9. Water: Water is also very effective because it digest food particles in the body and aids digestion and excretion. More water doesn’t add fat to the body but helps to increase the body metabolism rate for weight loss.

10.  Less Sugar: consumption of sugar inform of sugary drinks, soft drinks, high calorie foods, sugary fruit juice, candies and many more won’t make obese teens get weight reduction but if you avoid all these sugary items and drink more water, it get better and these children begin to lose weight as they grow older in shape, height and weight. Thanks for reading.

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