10 Leading Causes of Death in Some African Countries 2020

After traveling to few places in America, Europe and Asia, I noticed some people really live long especially the Chinese people but back in Africa, reverse is the case. To solve any issue relating to death, we need to identify the causes at first. That was what lead me to trying to know the leading case of death in Africa in 2019 but now,  its 2020 and still report is indicating that many Africans are dying even in the new year 2020.

I’m writing this due to the fact that I experience a tragic event sometimes ago when i lost my mother at the age of 50yrs. I noticed that people in most African countries like Ghana, Nigeria, Ethiopia, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Ivory Coast, Kenya, etc all have the same health issues that lead to early death of most African men and women.

I was reading a research on Japanese people and I noticed that they live longer than most Africans. I have not been to Japan or China but when I watched their films, I noticed there are so many old people around a particular area. I ask a friend of mine who lives in Japan that what is responsible for their good health status and why they live long but his answer to this simple questions was that Green Tea is the secret. 

That is why am also sharing the reasons why most Nigerians and other people of Africa die so early and the reasons where listed below, which include;

1 Unkept Environment: You will notice that many African countries are just trying to get developed and the Government of these countries are trying to make sure a clean environment for their citizens. 

Nevertheless, dirty environments is one of the leading cause of death in the year 2020 because dirty environment harbor diseases and micro organisms that can cause terrible diseases like cholera, dysentery, tuberculosis and many more. If you can maintain a clean environment like the Japanese do, most people in Africa will live long. 
10 Leading Causes of Death in Africa in 2020

2  Excess Starch: Another leading cause of death in many African countries in 2020 is their bad feeding habit which involves consumption of too much starch. Common food in Africa especially in Nigeria includes yam, coco-yam, rice, bread, eba etc all which contain high amount of carbohydrate and are high calorie foods. 

The consequence of eating excess starch or high calorie food includes Obesity, weight gain, diabetes and other cardio vascular diseases which reduces life span and may cause early death.

3  Excess Fatty Foods: Another reason most Africans die too early and one major cause ofdeath among Africans is their bad feeding habit which involves consumption of high fatty foods and high cholesterol diet like meat, butter, suya (roasted meat), barbecue, animal fat, chin-chin, doughnut, meat pie and many more all which contain high amount of fat and are high calories. 

Eating foods that are high in fat can reduce the life span of average Nigerians or Africans because it can cause hypertension, high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, obesity and many more.

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4    Ignorance:  One of the things that kill people mostly or majorly in Africa is ignorance in the sense that many of them do not care about their health and claim to know too much. I know of someone who saw symptoms like dizziness, fast heart beat, peeling of tongue, stomach age and still do not visit the physician or go to the hospital instead he decides to stay at home until the health deteriorates and lost his life. Ignorance is a more of a disease in Africa and it kills even faster than a diseases. 

5    Illiteracy: Just like I said earlier, i mention ignorance as one of the leading causes of death in Africa and things that make people die early in Africa but am including illiteracy since both ignorance and illiteracy go hand-in-hand.

Many African men and women do not have formal education about their healthcare and where they can get the best health advice, instead the use what they see or like. Some people even take drugs without checking the expiry dates. All these kills people in their early stage in Africa and I think the Government should try to educate the people more about their health.

6  Lack of Health Infrastructure: One of the problems faced by Africans that lead to their early death is due to the fact that most countries in Africa lacks infrastructure especially the latest and modern health care devices.  That is the reason why people traveled to other countries like Germany, United State, UK and Canada to get some treatments or surgeries for their ailments. 

7  Self Medication: Most people in Africa are guilty of this and it’s the act of self medication. Some people lose their life due to bad habit like self medications which may later result to serious health issue like cancer, overdose, pains, nausea, kidney or liver failure and many more. If you don’t want to die young or early, avoid self medications and that is all.

8  Excess Herbs: Herbs is good but when taking or consume in excess is really bad. Most people do not mind the state of their health, liver, kidney etc but they just buy any herbs they see and start drinking it. I have seen a brother that lost his life due to the fact that the herb he took was not properly prepared and the water that was used was infected and he contacted cholera even from the herbs. We need to be careful especially on herbs intake.

9  Drugs and Smoking: Although the Federal Government has warned that smokers are liable to die young but people still refuse. Smoking is usually considered a better option in cold region but Africa is tropic which means hot and inhaling smoke from cigarettes will not only destroy the lungs but can cause cancer while excess drinking or alcohol like rum, hot, vodka, gin all destroys the kidney and liver gradually. 

So, many are dying due to disease relating to smoking and alcohol which means you also should desist from it. Smoking is one of the causes of untimely death trending in year 2020in Africa

10  Diseases: There are so many diseases that kills people fast in Africa such as Cholera, Ebola, Tuberculosis, Malaria, etc and people still believe they can manage such diseases. I believe to prevent early death on this is to ensure you report any case such as this to the nearest hospital or consult your doctor if you notice any sign of diseases in you or in your area.

In Conclusion, people die at an early stage due to ignorance, illiteracy, excess herb intake, weight gain, unclean environment, diseases, dirty environment etc which i described below above. You and I can still make corrections and ensure a safer environment in good health free of diseases and death.

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