Jan 27, 2020

Reasons Why Herbal Toothpaste are the Best Right Now

Why do we need Herbal Toothpaste? One of the ways to stay healthy and maintain a good personal hygiene starts from the mouth and teeth that is taking care of both the mouth and the teeth.

To take care of the teeth or the tongue, it starts from the choice of toothpaste and toothbrush we decide to use for this clean up.

I really don’t consider many things when buying toothpaste but for toothbrush, I just choose the brush that is soft and that is all. But recently, I went to the store, select a toothpaste, I mean a herbal toothpaste and I notice some things which I believe these things are at advantages to everyone of us using toothpaste.

That is why am writing on this topic which states “reasons or why herbal toothpaste is the best right now and why you need to use it. Some of the advantages of using herbal toothpaste like dabur toothpaste include;

1. No Chemical: Most toothpaste contains some chemical like fluoride which I believe you see when the check the ingredient or composition of the toothpaste but herbal toothpaste seems not to contain. 

I bought one of the common herbal toothpaste which is dabur toothpaste and I notice it does not contain any chemical which I react to at times when I bough other toothpaste. If you are allergy to some chemicals in other toothpaste, you need to try herbal to see the claims.
5 Reasons Why Herbal Toothpaste is the Best Right Now

2. Plant Extract: I see that most herbal toothpaste contains natural plants, plant extract that are very effective in cleaning up the teeth, teeth whitening and ensuring freshness of breath. You will notice that hundreds of years ago, there were no tooth paste still our forefathers uses the bark of tree like bitter leaf tree, cashew tree, dongoyaro tree and many more to wash their teeth and it keeps them healthy without thinking of mouth cancer.

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3. No Side Effect: Much herbal toothpaste like I said earlier contains the bark of plant, blended together with little menthol which contains no side effect. It has no side effect or any kind of allergy at all. Since herbal products are made of natural plants, I believe the effect is always little compared to when you use other harsh toothpaste that may even cause sore or mouth diseases for you.

4. Cheap: Another reasons why you need to use herbal toothpaste is the fact that most herbal toothpaste are cheap but people don’t realize that. If you go to the market or store, compare the prize of herbal toothpaste to other chemical toothpaste and note your observation. 

I did that and what I saw was very encouraging because I can save some cash and still get a good result.

5. Natural: One of the advantages of using herbal toothpaste right now or I say another reason use these natural toothpaste is because everything about this toothpaste is natural. 

Natural tooth agent, natural menthol, natural flavor, natural teeth whitening agent, no fluoride, no chloride etc . No wonder many of companies producing toothpaste are making the herbal version of their toothpaste base on popular demand by users.

These are some of the reasons every one of us need to use herbal toothpaste and I believe the ideas shared above are really worth it. I tried it and since then I usually don’t go for the fluoride toothpaste any more since the herbal toothpaste is healthier for men than the natural toothpaste. 

Although am beginning to see many toothpaste producing the herbal version of their product too which is good. 

Thanks for reading, you may use the comment box below to pass any information, suggestion or additional ideas on this topic, we will welcome that.

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