8 Best and Easy Ways to Prevent Gum Diseases in Adults and Children

When it comes to knowing ways of curing and preventing a diseases, don't be surprised that only those that have valid information are always saved. And that is why we don't want you to have dental issues or gum diseases before preventing it either as an adult or in children

I am going to share a personal experience based on the experience i have with bleeding gums and not only that, fact from people who have similar symptoms of gum diseases and the best ways as well as easy method they use to prevent it in children or adults are also discussed. 

What Causes Gum disease?  You will notice symptoms of Gum diseases such as halitosis and gingivitis when your gum bleeds easily when you are brushing your teeth or at slight touch with a sharp object. Gum diseases such as gum bleeding are caused by lack of vitamin C in the body system and other micro organism that affect the mouth.

Most gum infections in kids òr adults are not only caused by lack of Vitamin c and tooth germs but many gum infections and gum bleeding are also caused by lack of personal hygiene and the easy ways to prevent gum diseases such as bleeding are discussed as you read on with this post. 

So, the best and easy ways to prevent gum diseases in adults and children includes;

1. Maintain Oral Hygiene: One of the best and easy ways to prevent bleeding gums or other gum diseases either as an adult or in your children is to ensure you keep oral hygiene as much as possible. Oral hygiene involves ensuring you brush your mouth few times per day especially after breakfast and lunch. 

This prevents the growth of bacteria in the mouth which may retain through the food taking at night. You can do this in children too and their gums will be healthy.
Best and Easy Ways to Prevent Gum Diseases in Adults and Children
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2. Use Mouthwash: One of the best easy ways to prevent bleeding gums or other gum diseases in adult and children is to ensure you use mouth wash. Mouth wash is cheap and can be used alternatively in place of toothpaste. Mouthwash contains menthol, fluoride and other agent that prevents the growth of germs in the gums.

3. Floss Teeth: another easy way to prevent bleeding gum is to try as much as possible to floss your teeth after meal. Flossing of teeth is the use of cord or filament to remove food particles in the teeth. Regular practice of flossing do prevent gum diseases from people and its definitely the best way to also prevent tooth problems.

4. Fluoride: I think one of the best and easy ways to prevent gum infection and bleeding in children or in adults is to use toothpaste that are rich in fluoride. Fluoride is very active against bacteria or micro organisms that can cause gum diseases, the easy aspect of this is to buy toothpaste that is fortified with fluoride and with time, the bleeding will disappear.

5. Consult a Doctor: The best way to treat or prevent gum diseases in the mouth is to try as much as possible to notify your doctor or dentist when you notice any signs or symptoms of gum diseases such as bleeding in the gums or pains in the gum of your child or in your mouth. You do not need to practice self medication for issues concerning mouth or gums. 

6. Eat Fruits: The best, fastest and very easy way to prevent gum disease is to eat fruits like Oranges, lime, lemon, tangerine, grape etc. All these citrus family contains high amount of Vitamin C in them and prevent scurvy which is gum bleeding and other growth of germs in the gums (mouth).

7. Vitamins Supplements: Vitamins is one of the food items that prevent any symptoms of bleeding gums in the mouth of both adults and children. Vitamins are found in fruits and if you couldn’t find fruits around you, you can also buy vitamins supplement inform of tables or capsules and use it. It supplies Vitamin c to the body as fast as possible which prevents bleeding gums.

8. Use Antibiotic: Antibiotic is also a good choice of preventing gum diseases but it must be prescribed by the physician or dentist. Do not try to buy any antibiotic and use it, which is self medication and is bad.

In conclusion, you can prevent gum diseases easily in adult and children by ensuring you keep a proper oral hygiene, wash your mouth with toothpaste containing fluoride, eating fruits and vitamin supplements and lastly, by consulting the physician when you see symptom such as bleeding in the gums. Thank for reading.

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  1. Now I know why my gum bleeds easily because of lack of vitamins c, I just learn that vitamin c foods or supplement can help us do that which is cool