10 Disease Symptoms That Should Not Be Ignored

Diseases have symptoms which can be mild or severe but either its a simple symptoms or severe symptoms, it shouldn't be ignored. And as you read on, we will be discussing various disease symptoms that shouldn't be ignored but be taken seriously.

What is a Disease? A disease is defined as a deviation from the normal state of health of an animal, plant or humans. Which means there are symptoms that are associated with particular diseases while some signs and symptoms all applies to many types of diseases? The best thing to do in this situation is to call the attention of a doctor as fast as possible.

Many times, people ignore various signs and symptoms which could have lead to a better treatment or which could have prevented death of a victim. For instance, the early signs of cancer shouldn’t be ignored because it may prevent further growth and also death of the patients. Common signs and symptoms of diseases that shouldn’t be ignored include;

1. Frequent Urination: One of the symptoms of diseases that people do ignore but should not be ignored is frequent urination. Frequent urination in men or women may be signs of high blood sugar in the blood which gives rise to diabetes, high blood pressure, Kidney or liver diseases. 

So, if you or anybody you know is having this sign, please consult your doctor for immediate treatment and diagnosis.

2.  Weakness: One of the signs and symptoms you really do not need to ignore is weakness. Weakness of the arm, leg, bone might be a sign of serious health issues like stroke, malaria, typhoid or heart diseases If you notice you are finding it difficult to walk due to weakness, you need to consult your doctor.

Diseases that can't be ignored
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3.  Pain in the Ches
: Chest pain is attached to many diseases but the common signs and symptoms of chest pain is lung diseases like lung cancer. This is due to excessive smoking, exposing the lungs to dust and other carbon gases. 

Other disease attached to chest pain included pneumonia, Asthma, Tuberculosis and many more. If you notice signs of pains at the chest, please consult your doctor.

4. Blood Stains in Sputum: One of the symptoms of diseases that shouldn’t be ignored is when you begin to see stains of blood when spitting. Stains of blood in sputum could be a sign of tuberculosis. Other diseases attached to this could be lung cancer or pneumonia.

5. Breathing Problems: When the heart beat faster or when the heart is irregular in its count then, you need to see the doctor as quick a possible. This could be as a result of diseases such as high blood pressure, hypertension, pneumonia, hole in the heart or other cardio vascular diseases.

6.  Blood Stains in Urine: Symptoms like see blood stains in urine should be treated with urgency because it is very risky. Blood stains in the urine may be a symptoms of Kidney disease, Liver disease, Cancer and chronic sexually transmitted diseases but the doctor needs to do some through examination of the victim just to ascertain the real cause of that by performing some test or scan on the victim.

7.  Swollen Leg or Arm: When the leg or arm is swollen, I think you need to see a doctor as fast as possible. Swollen leg may be due to heart problems, nutrient deficiency (sodium) or edema in pregnant women. 

8. Stomach Pains: another symptom of diseases or sickness that shouldn’t be ignored is stomach pains. I know of someone that died of stomach pains due to negligence or ignorance. She had typhoid but the parent kept on administering local herbs for malaria and in few days, the young lady died of chronic typhoid which already ruptured the abdomen and it leads to death. Stomach pains could also be a symptom of diarrhea, typhoid, dysentery, indigestion or infection.

9. Blurry Vision: The inability to see clearly could be a symptom of nutrient deficiency (Vitamin A), ageing process, stroke, hypertension, diabetes (in older people). Please see the doctor as early as possible if you notice any symptoms relating to this.

10. Growth; This is the most important symptoms you don’t need to ignore. Growth in any part of the body may be due to Cancerous grow and you need to report this to a doctor as fast as possible. Growth around the neck may be a sign of thyroid cancer or lung cancer, bone cancer for bones, cervical cancer for cervix, , esophagus cancer for throats, lips cancer for growth on lips and many more.

In Conclusion, any of these symptoms stated above on this article should be taken seriously and fast report to a medical doctor should be a priority. Thanks for reading.

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