Jan 27, 2020

Reasons Why Herbal Toothpaste are the Best Right Now

Why do we need Herbal Toothpaste? One of the ways to stay healthy and maintain a good personal hygiene starts from the mouth and teeth that is taking care of both the mouth and the teeth.

To take care of the teeth or the tongue, it starts from the choice of toothpaste and toothbrush we decide to use for this clean up.

I really don’t consider many things when buying toothpaste but for toothbrush, I just choose the brush that is soft and that is all. But recently, I went to the store, select a toothpaste, I mean a herbal toothpaste and I notice some things which I believe these things are at advantages to everyone of us using toothpaste.

That is why am writing on this topic which states “reasons or why herbal toothpaste is the best right now and why you need to use it. Some of the advantages of using herbal toothpaste like dabur toothpaste include;

1. No Chemical: Most toothpaste contains some chemical like fluoride which I believe you see when the check the ingredient or composition of the toothpaste but herbal toothpaste seems not to contain. 

I bought one of the common herbal toothpaste which is dabur toothpaste and I notice it does not contain any chemical which I react to at times when I bough other toothpaste. If you are allergy to some chemicals in other toothpaste, you need to try herbal to see the claims.
5 Reasons Why Herbal Toothpaste is the Best Right Now

2. Plant Extract: I see that most herbal toothpaste contains natural plants, plant extract that are very effective in cleaning up the teeth, teeth whitening and ensuring freshness of breath. You will notice that hundreds of years ago, there were no tooth paste still our forefathers uses the bark of tree like bitter leaf tree, cashew tree, dongoyaro tree and many more to wash their teeth and it keeps them healthy without thinking of mouth cancer.

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3. No Side Effect: Much herbal toothpaste like I said earlier contains the bark of plant, blended together with little menthol which contains no side effect. It has no side effect or any kind of allergy at all. Since herbal products are made of natural plants, I believe the effect is always little compared to when you use other harsh toothpaste that may even cause sore or mouth diseases for you.

4. Cheap: Another reasons why you need to use herbal toothpaste is the fact that most herbal toothpaste are cheap but people don’t realize that. If you go to the market or store, compare the prize of herbal toothpaste to other chemical toothpaste and note your observation. 

I did that and what I saw was very encouraging because I can save some cash and still get a good result.

5. Natural: One of the advantages of using herbal toothpaste right now or I say another reason use these natural toothpaste is because everything about this toothpaste is natural. 

Natural tooth agent, natural menthol, natural flavor, natural teeth whitening agent, no fluoride, no chloride etc . No wonder many of companies producing toothpaste are making the herbal version of their toothpaste base on popular demand by users.

These are some of the reasons every one of us need to use herbal toothpaste and I believe the ideas shared above are really worth it. I tried it and since then I usually don’t go for the fluoride toothpaste any more since the herbal toothpaste is healthier for men than the natural toothpaste. 

Although am beginning to see many toothpaste producing the herbal version of their product too which is good. 

Thanks for reading, you may use the comment box below to pass any information, suggestion or additional ideas on this topic, we will welcome that.

Jan 26, 2020

8 Best and Easy Ways to Prevent Gum Diseases in Adults and Children

When it comes to knowing ways of curing and preventing a diseases, don't be surprised that only those that have valid information are always saved. And that is why we don't want you to have dental issues or gum diseases before preventing it either as an adult or in children

I am going to share a personal experience based on the experience i have with bleeding gums and not only that, fact from people who have similar symptoms of gum diseases and the best ways as well as easy method they use to prevent it in children or adults are also discussed. 

What Causes Gum disease?  You will notice symptoms of Gum diseases such as halitosis and gingivitis when your gum bleeds easily when you are brushing your teeth or at slight touch with a sharp object. Gum diseases such as gum bleeding are caused by lack of vitamin C in the body system and other micro organism that affect the mouth.

Most gum infections in kids òr adults are not only caused by lack of Vitamin c and tooth germs but many gum infections and gum bleeding are also caused by lack of personal hygiene and the easy ways to prevent gum diseases such as bleeding are discussed as you read on with this post. 

So, the best and easy ways to prevent gum diseases in adults and children includes;

1. Maintain Oral Hygiene: One of the best and easy ways to prevent bleeding gums or other gum diseases either as an adult or in your children is to ensure you keep oral hygiene as much as possible. Oral hygiene involves ensuring you brush your mouth few times per day especially after breakfast and lunch. 

This prevents the growth of bacteria in the mouth which may retain through the food taking at night. You can do this in children too and their gums will be healthy.
Best and Easy Ways to Prevent Gum Diseases in Adults and Children
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2. Use Mouthwash: One of the best easy ways to prevent bleeding gums or other gum diseases in adult and children is to ensure you use mouth wash. Mouth wash is cheap and can be used alternatively in place of toothpaste. Mouthwash contains menthol, fluoride and other agent that prevents the growth of germs in the gums.

3. Floss Teeth: another easy way to prevent bleeding gum is to try as much as possible to floss your teeth after meal. Flossing of teeth is the use of cord or filament to remove food particles in the teeth. Regular practice of flossing do prevent gum diseases from people and its definitely the best way to also prevent tooth problems.

4. Fluoride: I think one of the best and easy ways to prevent gum infection and bleeding in children or in adults is to use toothpaste that are rich in fluoride. Fluoride is very active against bacteria or micro organisms that can cause gum diseases, the easy aspect of this is to buy toothpaste that is fortified with fluoride and with time, the bleeding will disappear.

5. Consult a Doctor: The best way to treat or prevent gum diseases in the mouth is to try as much as possible to notify your doctor or dentist when you notice any signs or symptoms of gum diseases such as bleeding in the gums or pains in the gum of your child or in your mouth. You do not need to practice self medication for issues concerning mouth or gums. 

6. Eat Fruits: The best, fastest and very easy way to prevent gum disease is to eat fruits like Oranges, lime, lemon, tangerine, grape etc. All these citrus family contains high amount of Vitamin C in them and prevent scurvy which is gum bleeding and other growth of germs in the gums (mouth).

7. Vitamins Supplements: Vitamins is one of the food items that prevent any symptoms of bleeding gums in the mouth of both adults and children. Vitamins are found in fruits and if you couldn’t find fruits around you, you can also buy vitamins supplement inform of tables or capsules and use it. It supplies Vitamin c to the body as fast as possible which prevents bleeding gums.

8. Use Antibiotic: Antibiotic is also a good choice of preventing gum diseases but it must be prescribed by the physician or dentist. Do not try to buy any antibiotic and use it, which is self medication and is bad.

In conclusion, you can prevent gum diseases easily in adult and children by ensuring you keep a proper oral hygiene, wash your mouth with toothpaste containing fluoride, eating fruits and vitamin supplements and lastly, by consulting the physician when you see symptom such as bleeding in the gums. Thank for reading.

10 Healthy Eating Plan for Women Over Age 40 years

I have seen many matured women of over 50 years complain to me about issues affecting their health, some which results to pains, weight gain, obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, stress and many more and i notice that many of these women don't have a good healthy eating plan which is categorized under abnormal nutritional habit.

I have put together healthy eating plan for women which are very good to their health of women of all age ranges from women in their 20s, women over 30, women over 40, women over 50 and over 60 years of age. Unless other wise warned by the doctor, the food items below are really very good to the health of women. Some which includes;

1. Eat More Fruits : One of the healthy eating plan and what i describe as the best diet i rather will recommend for women of all ages especially over 50yrs is to eat fruits. Fruits have natural vitamins and minerals that helps build the body and prevent diseases. 

Fruits like oranges, apple, pineapple, cashew, guava, watermelon, pawpaw contains essential vitamins that helps the body.

2. Eat Fiber Foods: Apart from fruits consumption, i will suggest women who are over 40 should also eat more of fiber foods. Fiber foods can be fruits as well as other foods that aids digestion and fasten the metabolism rate in the body. 

Nutrition is essential but the right diet must be consumed to achieve a good health. So, i advice women to eat more of fiber fruits like cucumber, garden egg, coconut, maize and many more.

Healthy eating plan for every women

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3. Eat Lean meat: I really do not condemn any woman not to spend her money on food she likes but instead of consuming too much animal meat, its better if you are over 40 years to eat more of lean meat which do not contain any form of fat. 

High percentage of fat in the body causes high cholesterol which may result to more deadly disease or death

4. Eat proteins: Proteins are body building food and when you eat more of proteins, you get a well healthy body. The nursing mothers also need to eat more of proteins which can be found in milk, soya beans, cowpea, lean meat, fish and many more.

5. Eat less: Either you are a young, matured or aged woman or a woman over 40 years, you also need to control your eating habit. As a woman in her 40s, its very healthy to eat in moderation but when you eat excessively, you gain weight and your inactivity will really affect other part of the body and i believe you know some of the diseases associated with weight gain like high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, obesity and hypertension.

6. Drink plenty of water: Anywhere in the world, the best eating plan that is healthy for not only women but for everybody is to drink water. Research states clearly that the body requires a good amount of water per day say over 5 glass cups of water daily.

This will help in easy digestion, food dissolving, high metabolism and weight loss. I believe any woman that drinks more water than the usual sugary or soft drinks is a healthy woman, so be healthy to by drinking water.

7. Vitamins Supplements: Many older women complains that they usually don't get fresh food in their areas or due to work schedule but i assure you that as long you can get the toiletries or groceries buy vitamins supplements in the supermarket and take at will. Its very healthy to eat those vitamins supplements as a woman.

8. Avoid Excess Sugars: I notice that women love flashy things as well as sweet foods like chocolates, soft drinks, ice creams and lot of goodies but they should be very careful because excess sugar is not good for their body. 

Excess sugar may affect their monthly flow or some which causes weight gain in them. You can always replace the sugary drinks with water of natural fruits which are more beneficial to the body.

9. Avoid Excess fats: Another healthy eating plan for women who are over 40 years of age or of all ages is to avoid excess fats. Some people are underweight and i really suggest fat for those ones for the normal ones that are neither on the big size or small, you should reduce it. 

You can also replace your kitchen animal fat with vegetable fat. This will prevent the storage of fat in the body and high cholesterol may be prevented through this.

10. Avoid Excess Junks : You should also avoid eating junks, snacks like doughnuts, egg roll, chin-chin and many more. Junks are mainly high calorie foods like snacks and fried food but you can do yourself lot of good by reducing or eat less of these foods. 

All these diets are very healthy for every woman above 40 but i notice that many beautiful celebrities who really don't like to be unhealthy do take a long walk after eating so much candy or chocolate, this is a form or exercise and it keeps them healthy too. Thanks for reading.

Jan 25, 2020

7 Foods That Can Cause Stroke When Taken in Excess at age 50 or Over

In some of our previous updates, we have discussed on the foods that help recover fast from stroke but I believe we also need to know some of the foods that can stroke in older people above 50 years when taken in excess. 

I never knew how bad stroke can be until it happens to a close friend of mine although the person in matured in age at the age of 50yrs and above. Stroke is a diseases that causes total or partial paralysis of the body or some part of the body. It makes the body unable to move or work.

Many people do not know they are having cardiac problems, high blood pressure or hypertension and still continue with their bad feeding habit which later result stroke. And that is the more reason we need to adjust in our various life especially in the area of food we eat.

What is the Cause Stroke? Stroke is caused by inability or interference of blood flow through the heart and to other part of the body
. It also happen when there is a break in transmission of information between the brain and other part of the body. Common food items that can cause stroke in people when taken in excess at 50 includes;

1.  More Sugary Drinks: At age 50 or over, one need to be careful of excess intake of soft drinks at that age. Some of the food type that increase the blood sugar level which causes diabetes are sugary drinks like soft drinks, sugary tea, ice cream, cakes, junks, juice, etc

This affect the insulin level which give rise to high blood sugar in the blood known as diabetes. Diabetes can also cause also ailments or diseases like stroke when not treated properly.

2. More Beer and Alcohol:  The dad of a colleague was diagnosed of stroke in their family hospital and people begin to wonder what could have cause stroke for this man but he do drink beer and alcohol a lot which was named as one of the causes of stroke

Beer and alcohol contains sugar, enzymes and salt which may cause stroke when taken in excess.
Foods That Can Cause Stroke When Taken in Excess at age 50 or Over

3.  Excess Bread Intake: Eating too much bread as an adult at 50 may cause stroke in the later age. Consuming bread excessively may lead to accumulation of sugar which may cause diabetes or increases in salt which may aggravate serious heart problems such as stroke, heart failure, hypertension and other cardio vascular diseases.

4. Excess Salt: Another cause of stroke in adult after 50 is when the body accumulate too much of sodium iogotten from common salt which are added to foods. I was in a canteen last week, while i was eating the food that was served to me, a guy was also served the same food but be he started eating he food, he requested for extra salt without even tasting the food to know if the salt content is enough but he added his own. 

I see this as ignorance and when such person continue to eat excess salt, he will just start developing heart related diseases and that may lead to stroke.

5. Canned FoodsEating too much of canned food at age 50 can also cause stroke because many of these canned food contains high amount of salt which was aimed at preserving the fish or meat, and it contains sodium which when accumulated in the body can cause stroke.

6. Excess Fatty Foods: Eating too much of fatty foods can lead to delicate diseases like high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes, hypertension and stroke. You should know that eating too much of fat increases the body cholesterol contents and fat which i believe is too dangerous to the body.

7.  Too much of Processed Foods: So many processed foods contains large amount of salt, sugar, fats etc in it. Some processed foods are even preserved with some substance which are really not good for the health in adult, all these can cause stroke in men and women.

In Conclusion, you need to avoid or eat less of these foods because many of them lead to dangerous diseases like stroke, hypertension, high blood pressure, diabetes etc. Reduce food contains salts, avoid salt licks at old age, reduce bread intake and avoid eating excess sugar. Thanks for reading. 

Jan 24, 2020

10 Worst foods to eat after age 50 and should be stopped

What are the worst food for people after age 50 and should be stopped? I am using this medium to celebrate with our mummies and daddies who are celebrating their 50th birthday this month and I felt I need to just give some health tips pertaining their diet and how to live and eat healthily at this new age.

At age 50, the body is already getting old, the body metabolism rate begins to get slower but you can still live and get the best of health which will make you look like a woman or man in their early 30s.

Sometimes ago, I wrote a health articles on food to eat at age 50 but now I’m writing on the worst food to eat after the age of 50 which should be stopped. Worst food for people after the age of 50 can result to diseases like hypertension, stroke, loss of memory, cardiac arrest, arthritis, and eye defects but all these can be rejected and avoided by avoiding these worst food listed below as you read on with this post.
Worst foods to eat after age 50 and should be stopped

The worst foods to eat after the age of 50 include;

1. Processed Foods; one of the worst food people around age 50 might think is good to eat are processed foods. Processed foods which are mainly canned foods like beef, tomatoes, pastries, pizza etc are not good for people after the age of 50 and should be stopped.

Simply because these foods contain salt which is used for preservation, animal fat used to prepare the food and it contains trace elements used for preservation. Too much of processed foods for old people may result to diseases and ill health at a certain age.

2. Snacks/junks; even younger people do not really need to eat too much of junks because most of these foods are cooked with animal fat, fatty contents, sugar, salt, oil and many more which should be stopped as you clock 50 years.

Snacks, fried foods are doesn’t really go well with older people because their body is ageing and all these foods may block the arteries or veins which disrupts blood circulation.

3. Barbecue; another worst food people around age 50 may be eating which is not food for their health and should be stopped immediately is roasted meat like barbecue. 

Barbecue contains fat and oil and other ingredient which is really not good for aged people. It may affect blood circulation due to blockage of arteries and veins and it may also cause weight gain for older people after age 50 which are really bad.

4. Animal fat; for people after the age of 50yrs, I will recommend they do away with food cooked with animal fat but vegetable fat is preferred which look even more healthy than animal fat. The body at this time is ageing and the metabolism is getting slower.

5. Salty foods; another common food which I regard as worst food for people at age 50 or after age 50 is salty foods which people need to stop eating are salty foods. Salty foods contain sodium which when consumed in excess interfere with the blood pressure and may cause diseases like hypertension, stroke, high blood pressure, cardiac arrest and untimely death. 

6. Sugary foods; just like I said earlier that salt is worst for older people, the same way sugar is also not too good the same way salt is bad and should be stopped as you celebrate 50years. Too much of sugary foods may lead to excess sugar in the blood which may lead to sugar related diseases diabetes. 

So, at age 50 or after age 5o, take less of sugary foods to avoid getting diabetic

7. Ice cream; I saw a grandma at a party eating and drink sugary ice cream like youth and she never realize she is eating one of the worst food after age 50. Ice cream contains sugar, some salt, fatty contents, and many more which is not good for grandma at 50yrs.

8. Excess Ripe fruits; fruits is good for the body especially for younger people but for people after age 50, it might not be the best option for them because some ripe fruits are sugary. 

But for older people at 50, unripe fruits like unripe pawpaw, unripe plantain, banana and many more are recommended because these unripe fruit contain minerals like Iron and Zinc which is good for the body.

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9. Soft Drinks; soft drink contains excess sugar which is bad for grandma after age 50 in which the effect are explained in ‘6’ earlier. It is not advisable for older people to take more of soft drink because of the sugar content in it 

10. Alcoholic drink; alcohol is not recommended for people not only after age 50 but for everybody and must be stooped at age 50 and above. Alcohol doesn’t have any good contribution to the body but it supplies excess sugar to the body and other harmful materials. 

In conclusion, the worst food for people after age 50 which should be stopped immediately are alcohol, soft drinks, excess ripe fruit, ice cream, sugary foods, animal fat, snacks, and processed foods.

5 Common Pain of Pillows and the Solution Without Spending Much Money

The common pains caused by pillow is no other than neck pain or shoulder pain but we need to know how to cure or prevent this pain without spending much money especially if it's not severe.

How do people Solve Pillow pains or problems? I experienced a very bad moment with pains when I had a bed pillow related problem where my neck was stiffed, I couldn’t sleep for days coupled with the fact pains were accompanied with shoulder and neck pain which was just too terrible to bear. 

So, I decided to write on this after identifying the problems and the way I was able to find solution to this problem without spending any money which are described as you read on with this post. 

Either bed pillow or other pillows like shoulder pillows; throw pillows do cause so many problems to our health especially when these pillows are hard or strong. But many people think changing the pillow is the only solution whereas there are more to this than you think and you will learn a few as you read on.

So, some of the pillow pains caused by bed pillows and the solution to this includes;

1. Neck PainNeck pain is a common health problem caused by bed pillow which causes stiffness of the neck or pains around the neck. This neck pain is due to inability of the pillow to act as a support to the neck during sleep or when the head is not well aligned due to sagging of the neck while sleeping. 

This causes neck pain which is very painful to cope with if you experience it.

The solution: The solution to this is painful pain without spending much is that you should buy foam with lot of contours which people called the contour pillows. This works well because it keeps the body and neck in a balanced position even if you sleep wrongly. You can also contact your doctor in case of a severe neck pain due to a pillow.

Common Pain of Pillows and the Solution Without Spending Much Money

2. Shoulder pain: I noticed that the sleeping posture of the head and the neck could lead to better sleep or bad sleep when wrong and some people usually don’t experience neck pain but instead, they experience shoulder pain which is even more painful than the neck pain. This occurs to people whose spines are not aligned due to bad sleeping style or posture. 

The Solution: the solution to this question without spending so much on this is to buy good foamy pillow that keeps the head in alignment with the spines and you can also use the ideas of sleeping on a thick pillow is your mattress is thick and if your mattress is light, then use a light pillow, all these are due to alignment issues while sleeping with a pillow on the bed.

3.  Pillow Allergies: a girl came to greet me and pass the night at my place but the visit soon became a problem because she was just sneezing and getting discomfort throughout the night. I was not shocked because I knew she could be probably allergic to fiber pillows which I was correct anyway. 

The solution: So, in this kind of situation where your or a friend/relative is allergic to a particular materials in a pillow, what you need to do is to change the pillow to the right pillow like changing the cotton pillows to a more synthetic fiber pillow which makes you feel cool without allergies. 

4. Fatigue: another common pains of pillow we may experience during sleep is fatigue which can be caused by the type of bed pillow used during sleep. Some pillows are not just comfortable like when the pillow seems to be too hard for your body

The solution: you need to change the pillow to a more soft pillow or you get a bed frame or support which support the body, the neck and the spines to give better sleeping experience.

5. Sleeplessness; this is a common pain experienced by many where you won’t be able to sleep due to the type of pillow that doesn’t not fit your sleeping pattern. It causes a long night of sleeplessness where you find it difficult to sleep not knowing that the pillow is not just good for your sleeping style.

The solution: I think the solution cheapest solution to this is to change the pillow or you also change your personal sleeping style or pattern. For instance, some people can’t sleep without a pillow, such people will try as much as possible to get a flat pillow if they are in an area where they is no pillow for them to sleep. 

Then if you sleep on your side, and then you need a thick pillow for neck and spine balancing.

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In conclusion, the common causes of pillow related problems like pains and shoulder pains where discussed and explained. But you also need to see your doctor for a severe case of accident, pains or other health related problems due to pillow. Thanks for reading.

Jan 23, 2020

Can Bleaching Cream Remove Stretch Marks on the Skin Very Quickly

Out of many questions we receive on this site, we try as much as possible to educate our readers on some while we ask may ask others to see their doctor as soon as possible. Like in this case now that someone asked if a bleaching cream can actually clear out stretch marks from her skin very quickly and we said no. 

That's not true, although some chemical agents have been included so as to make the skin retain it healthiness but not with toning or bleaching cream.

I have written some health tips on stretch marks and how to remove stretch mark but a question came to me via inbox that "can bleach cream cure fat stretch mark very fast?  Which I believe you will learn one or two thing as you read on with this post that answers the question and also give possible solution to stretch mark cure and prevention. 

What are fat stretch marks? These are line on the skin that shows on the body when someone is gaining excess fat. Stretch mark due to fat are not caused by bleaching cream but the skin stretches around cheat, armpit, thing, waist or butt when excess fat are accumulated around that region.

The answer; the best answer to the question on if bleaching cream can actually cure stretch mark very fast is a capital 'NO' This responds was based on the questionnaire I sent to cosmetologist, dermatologist and doctors which all these experts all said no. Instead my doctor said a bleaching cream will even cause more stretch mark or other severe skin diseases when applied.

Can Bleaching Cream Remove Stretch Marks on the Skin Very Quickly
This is because some bleaching cream can also cause stretch mark and it can prevent it. So according to research, the chemicals in bleaching cream really doesn't cure or treat stretch marks but if you have fat stretch marks in your body, I suggest you do the following which includes;

1. Reduce your fat; You don't need a bleaching cream to treat your stretch marks instead you should just find any possible ways of getting rid of the excess fat in your system. This includes eating fiber foods, doing cardio exercise and eating of fruits. 

You may also add other weight loss tips which works best for you and as you start the weight loss plan, the stretch marks gradually reduces compared to thinking that bleaching cream can cure it very quickly.

2. Do exercise; exercises like walking, stretching, running, jogging, yoga, etc all works well for weight loss which may also reduces stretch marks instead of bleaching cream. The best way to burn off excess fat or calories is to exercise the body through different workout method.

3. Change your diet; wrong diet like eating of fatty foods, junks, cholesterol foods, etc all add excess fat to Tue body which result to fat stretch mark but this can be cured and reduced if you change to foods that support weight loss. 

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4. Stretch mark cream; instead of thinking that bleaching cream will cure your skin stretch mark very fast, it is better get a cream that really work for stretch marks which can be gotten online or in stores around you.

 In conclusion, the reasons and facts discussed above shows that bleaching cream does not cure fat stretch marks very quickly as claimed by one of our readers. Just find ways of reducing your fat by exercises and dieting and the fat stretch marks will disappear. Thanks for reading

Jan 22, 2020

8 Good Exercises for Stroke Recovery at Home Without Expensive Medications

I will like to share my personal experience not only as a health professional but on what works fast for stroke recovery at home even if you've got no money to buy expensive modern equipment or laying for modern medicines like surgery but all can be done from home by yourself or with little help.

In our previous post or update, we discussed about the various ways to get recovered of stroke very fast which I believe you must have learn some ideas on this is treating the stroke or getting a quick recovery which makes you get back to normal in walking, talking and body balance as quick as possible. 

But today, we will be discussing the best exercises that help in stroke recovery at home but without expensive machines or medications which I believe you will also learn a lot from it as well.

What are the good exercises for stroke recovery at home and without spending much? When someone suffers a stroke, there is a blockage of blood from the brain to other part of the body, it’s not the end of life for such person or patient but there are some exercises that make people recover fast from stroke which we will be describing as you read on with this post.

The good exercises for stroke recovery that can be done at home which is efficient and fast includes;

1.  Walking: One of the good exercises that works fast for stroke recovery at home even without expensive medications based on my experience with stroke victims is walking. Recent research claims that walking is the best exercise in the world which doesn’t only work for weight loss but also work fast for people who had stroke and recovering from it. 

Walking is easy, cheap and can be done at home, in the compound or on the street. Because stroke is caused as a result of blockage of the transport vessels from the brain, heart and other part of the body but when someone recovering from stroke do some minutes of walking every day, the blood vessels gradually go back into operation and blood is circulated to other part of the body and every paralyzed body part are recovered gradually or with time. 
Best Exercises for Stroke Recovery

2.  Cycling: This is another exercise I recommend for people recovering from stroke from home simply because it has proven to be very effective and fast for recovery of paralysis like stroke and it requires no expensive machines or medications Cycling is a good exercise which can be done at home using fitness equipment like the electrical or manually controlled cycling machine. 

I think this is common is most homes these days and if you have anybody suffering from stroke, you can include a gradual exercise of this and later increase it for the stroke patient, with time, blood will be circulated around the body and the stroke symptoms vanishes fast.

3. Stretching: this is another good home exercise that is good for stroke recovery which can be very effective especially when the hand or the leg is paralyzed. I got to know this when a close person to me had stroke. 

We consult a physiotherapist who gave us a hand stretcher device because the hand was paralyzed but as soon as this woman start to use this hand stretcher, she soon move her hands and the arteries and veins in that region began to work along with the muscles and since then, she has moving the hand as if nothing happened. 

Any stroke patient can also get this device and do some stretching which I believe is effective for stroke. Using this requires no expensive medications or machines but just a stretcher and it's cheap.

4.  Light Jogging: After stroke treatments, the doctors will also recommend some exercises for you that will speed up the recovery process which light jogging is part of this exercise. 

Because the body is recovering from paralysis, it may be hard to do some jogging but you can do light jogging without putting so much energy and it still work. Do this few times per day and I bet you that you will experience a speedy recovery process of the stroke. 

It is cheap, requires no expensive machines or medications, just jogging round your house and you are done.

5. Yoga: Yoga is also a very good and effective for people who suffers stroke, people who are undergoing some stroke therapy for fast recovery. Yoga involves stretching the body into different directions and for people who really don’t know much about yoga, you can search through Google videos or YouTube for more information about this. 

6. Standing exercise: stroke victims are advised not to sit for too long on a sit but walking around or standing exercise is preferred for fast recovery at home. Standing is also a form of exercise which helps in circulation of blood from the heart to other part of the body but it must be done in moderation, not for too long for people recovering from stroke and you don't need any expensive medication to stand. 

7. Speed walking: Another good exercise that work best for stroke recovery at home without spendin so much on expensives drugs or machines based on my experience with stroke victims is speed walking. 

Recent research claims that speed walking is also one of the best exercises in the world which doesn’t only work for weight loss but also work fast for victims of stroke and recovering from it. Speed Walking is also easy, cheap and can also be done at home, in the compound or on the street. 

Because stroke is caused as a result of blockage of the transport vessels from the brain, heart and other part of the body but when someone recovering from stroke do some minutes of speed walking every day, the blood vessels like the arteries, veins, muscles etc gradually starts operation and blood is circulated to other part of the body and every paralyzed body part are recovered gradually or with time.

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8. Sitting with leg straight:  Lastly, it makes a lot of sense for stroke victims to recover fast by ensuring to sit straight on the chair and not in a bent position or sleeping position. 

The sitting posture for people recovering from stroke also matters a lot but when they sit straight on a chair balancing their back on the chair, there is no cause to worry about fall or injuries. Thanks for reading.

8 Foods to Eat For Flat Stomach Without Exercises or Not

I will like to educate us especially those who desires to have a flat tummy on some foods we can actually eat to have a flat stomach either without exercises or not. This is called indirect dieting which means its not so obvious but you are only safeguarding your tummy from getting bigger unnecessarily. And this can be achieved by the power of eating some light food which will be discussed as you read on with this post.

Do you know that having a flat belly either in men or women is not one of the best ways to stay healthy but many factors such as laziness, lack of exercise, bad diet, high calorie food, sugar, junks, stress all causes excess fat storage especially in the stomach region. 

Instead of exercises, there are diet or foods that people can eat to have a flat belly. You can also use the food items which are posted below to also maintain weight as well as to maintain a flat stomach. 

In men, excess fat in the body may result to pot belly and in women, it can be stored around the stomach area, hips, thigh and many more. But there are food that can actually help get rid of belly fat to ensure a flat belly like the celebrity either with exercises or not. These flat belly foods includes;

1. Soda Drinks: I noticed that when i drink more soda water or soda drinks in a week either i engaged in exercises or not, i don't usually have my belly big but what i experience mostly is a reduction in the size of my belly. It means soda drinks or other carbonated drinks do not contain sugar but the gas in them can help aids digestion and burn excess fat in the body. Drinking soda water or drink regularly can help to ensure a small belly size.

2. Little Alcohol: Another things i noticed again using my tummy as example is that, when i drink few bottles of alcohol like vodka, rum or hot drinks, i notice a considerable reduction in the size of my tummy which means alcoholic drinks like vodka also helps to get rid of belly fat. But one needs to be careful of these drinks so as not to get addicted to it which may cause another bigger problems to the health.
Foods to Eat For Flat Stomach Without Exercises or Not

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3. Dairy Foods: You can get rid of belly fat by eating dairy foods without exercises or not which works great without side effect. Dairy foods are contains calcium, lactose, low cholesterol, no sugar and prevent fat accumulation in the stomach. Examples of dairy food includes yogurts, cheese, eggs, milk and many more.

4. Vegetables: If any one need foods that can reduce or maintain a flat stomach even if you don't exercises your body or go to the gym, then the food that should come to your mind is regular intake of vegetable. Vegetable contains vitamins and minerals that helps to build the body, aids digestion and prevent weight gain in both men and women. There are so many vegetables that are edible, just get some yourself and see the change.

5. Sodium Foods: Losing belly fat with food or special weight loss diet with or without exercises is good because it brings a fast result when done with exercise. Research claim that a moderate quantity of sodium rich foods like canned foods ( canned sardine, egg, beef, grains, etc) can help to get rid of belly fat.

6. Fiber Foods: Fiber foods do not contain sugar or salt but contains high amount of fiber and water which helps to lose weight and ensure a flattened stomach. Examples includes cabbage, cucumber, garden egg, salads, papaya, orange, watermelon, etc. It means either you do exercises or you don't, if you continue to eat more of fiber foods, then you will have a flat tummy just like that but with time.

7. Fruits: Common foods that gives a flat belly when consumed are fruits. Fruits contains Vitamins and minerals that helps to burn calories in the body and around the belly area which makes it flat. Oranges, apple, pineapple, garden egg, strawberry, avocados etc.

8. Water: Water is also good to get a flat belly. Water is essential for weight loss, digestion, metabolism and many more. Avoid drinking excess beer, fat, sugary drinks and replace it with water. Then, you will see fast result in getting a stomach fat. Thanks for reading. 

In conclusion, all the above mentioned foods are good for getting a flat tummy with or without exercises. These foods are fruits, water, fibers, sodium foods, soda drinks, little amount of spirit drinks, diary foods and many more. Thanks for reading.