Jul 7, 2020

Easy Ways to Lose 10 Pounds Weekly or Monthly without Taking Any Expensive Pills

Based on my experience on weight loss issues and matters, I noticed many people are being scammed of their hard earned money due to the fact that they fall for wrong information on losing weight advert. The truth is that the only easy way to lose weight is go on a plan that allow you lose weight gradually like losing 10 pounds monthly or weekly and not the regular lose 10 pounds immediately. 

One of the ways you can fall for weight loss scam is when you are gullible in believing that there are drugs, pills or therapy that can make you lose ten pounds per day. All these are not real and try as much as possible not to fall for such sweet quoted adverts on TV, magazines or blogs. 

But if you belong to the category of people who desires to lose 10 pounds either weekly or monthly through the easy way, then you are on the right site. Feel free to subscribe for more of our post www.vicihores.us.

Let get down to the real business of the day, Many years ago, I was part of those who seek and browse the internet looking for easy ways to lose like 10 pounds either weekly or monthly. I'm of the opinion that since the weight was gained gradually, it means it must be eradicated gradually as well, that is why I opt in for weekly or monthly weight loss plan. 

To lose 10 pounds weekly or monthly without taking or buying any expensive weight loss pills is achievable only if you are dedicated with the right information such as exercises and food plan which will be shared as you read on with this update. If you are consistent with the weight loss plan, then you will achieve success with it easily and cheap.

Weight loss is good, it keeps the body healthy; it prevents diseases like high blood pressure, stroke, heart diseases, obesity, diabetes, cardiac arrest etc. If you are to lose 10 pounds within a month or for few weeks, you need to do the following and be serious about it, it includes; 

1. Plank Exercise: This is a type of cardio exercise which requires a minute or few seconds of your time every day to lose 10 pounds. You can see that is very easy but works. It helps flatten the tummy and it also help get rid of excess fat in the body while working for the tummy. If you are consistence with plank exercise, you will begin to lose weight around 10 pounds within a month. You may not even need to buy any expensive pills for you to lose 10 pounds. 

2. Reduce or Avoid Eating Fatty Foods: Some weight loss advert doesn't make weight loss look like its easy but it is. One of the ways and things you can do to lose over 5kg of weight in a week or in a month is to try eating little or avoiding eating fatty foods. Fatty foods are foods rich in fat such as animal fat, fried foods like chin-chin, burger, and many more. 

You can start by avoiding fat rich foods and replacing it with lighter food and within a week, you start getting results little by little. After a while or within a month, you would have lost like 10 pounds with ease without buying any expensive weight loss pills.
Photo: Vikki Jones

3. Eat Fresh Fruits: Another thing I recommend for anybody to lose weight such as 10 pounds in a month with ease is to make it a habit to eat more fruits. Some examples of fruits that work fine are berry, cabbage, apple, oranges, watermelon, grapes, carrot, raw tomatoes, garden egg, pineapple, pear, strawberry, Avocados and many more. 

Fruits have Vitamins that helps the body in many ways and it provides enzymes that repair tissues in the body as well as enzymes that aid digestion. Fast digestion rate helps to increase body metabolism rate as well as weight loss, this means that you can lose up to 10 pounds easily without any pills when you are based on fruits during the week.   

4. Eating less: While you are on exercises, you can eat less to get fast result. You not only eat less of food but less of high fat foods, high carbohydrate food, high sugary food all which that can make you add weight but instead you can eat more of fruits and other fiber fruits. Doing this, i assure you that 10 pounds cab be lost in a week or within a month. Many have tried this method; some are still trying it while i believe it can still work for you. 
5. Do Some Cardio Exercise: If you think you can lose 10 pounds within a week or in a month without taking any expensive pills, then you need to try cardio exercises. You only need to do simple cardio exercise and be consistence with it. Cardio exercises are exercise that makes increases your breath faster during or after the exercise. 

Examples of cardio exercise includes running, speed walking, fast jogging, hurdles, skipping, plank exercise, sit ups and cycling. Cardio exercise can help you lose 10 or 4.5kg of grams within a week or within a month with ease but you only need to get consistence with it and you get the result you need in little time. 

6. Eat Fiber Foods: Another better way to burn off about 10 pounds per week or per month with ease is to feed well on fiber foods. Fiber foods aids digestion and it also increases the body metabolism rate which ensures weight loss. Examples of fiber foods are cucumber, maize, garden egg, pawpaw, watermelon, cabbage and many more. Doing exercise and eating fiber foods guarantee a 10 pounds weight loss.

7. Jogging: Jogging is good; it helps to burn off excess fat in the body. If you have a jogging machine or any other device in your house, then it is much easier for you but I personally prefer jogging round the house like 10 to 20 times which people were already asking me that what you are doing to slim down this way. 

If you can t jog on the street, do some multiple jogging around your house, flat and your fat will be burning off little by little. Instead of going for a weight loss pill that may have side effect on my health, I rather prefer jogging.
In conclusion, as discussed above, these are different things to do to lose 10 pounds easily within a month or weeks without taking pills. Just your plank exercise every day, eat more fiber foods, do some exercise, do some cardio, eat less, avoid fatty foods, jog more and eat more fresh fruits which contains lot of vitamins. Thanks.

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Reasons Why Some People Prefer Herbal Medicines to Prescription Medicine

Lately, we conducted a survey on herbal medicines and reasons why some people prefer it to regular medicine based on level recent likeness for herbal medicine especially from people in Africa and some part of Asia.

At this period where people and expert are looking for cure for corona virus, many countries are embracing the use of herbal medicines for various cure and I took my time to study why people like herbal medicines even more than prescription medicine. 

As you read on with this post, we will be looking at the reasons why people prefer herbal medicines to prescription medicines or if prescription drugs are better than herbal medicines vice versa.

While I was younger, I noticed that I tend to prefer herbal remedies but after a while, I got to know that it doesn't really work for me or its just my ideology. But I also noticed that there are some ailment or diseases which natural medicines are very much effective like case of importance and herbal supplements.

Is Herbal Medicine Better than Prescription Drugs? According to my findings, i noticed that both herbal medicine and prescription medicines are used to treat one ailment or other other but i see that some people prefers herbal medicine to prescription drugs.
                        Photo credit: Vikky Jones

But for me, i still believe in prescription drugs because most of these drugs are specific in dosage and can be used to treat specific diseases but many people claim herbal drugs are better than the prescription drugs

But based according to findings, herbal drugs are better than prescription medicines in the following ways?

1. No quantity: Do you know that most herbal remedies requires no specification on dosage? People who prefers herbal medicine to prescription drugs claims that herbal medicine usually don't have a particular quantity of dose. 

There are no specific amount of capsules, pill or tablet but you only drink a few because most herbal medicines are liquid. I really don't think any case of overdose is usually recorded on most herbal treatments which is one of the reasons why people prefer herbal drugs to prescription drugs.

2. No Pills :  Although some herbal treatment are now advanced into a tablet form due to advance technology. One of the things people claim that makes herbal drugs more better than prescription drugs is that it herbal medicines are usually in liquid form. 

For people who don't like taking capsules or pills, i think herbal liquid medicine is their choice.

Like herbal supplement, traditional medicines related to blindness, sexual related diseases, etc are mostly liquid medicines which makes it easier for people who don't like tablets or capsules get accommodated to liquid treatment.

3. Little or No Prescription: One of the things that makes herbal medicines better than prescription medicines is that it has no prescription. Most herbal drugs are not recommended by the doctor, people see them on drug store or being marketed and they buy and use.

It means there are no issues of overdose, take 2 tablets in the morning and night or every six hours like antibiotics drugs requires.

4. Made of Natural plants: Even most prescription medicines are made from extract from plants and root. I think one of the most important point that makes herbal medicine the best compared to prescription medicines is the fact that herbal drugs are mainly from plant, plant extract or from seed/root. 

And any drugs extract from plant are usually very effective because even the prescription drugs are extracted from plants too. Many people like the fact that its a herbal extract.
5. Non- Allergies: Some people still believe that herbal medicine doesn't cause allergies like other drugs do. Natural herbal medicines usually don't have allergies even when i was using one, it doesn't react in my body and i feel that is one of the reasons people prefer herbal medicines to prescription medicines. 

This means it requires no complications unlike some prescription medicines will make people feel dizzy, nausea, slight headache, migraine, rashea and many more.

6. More Companies: From my research, i see that there are many certified companies involved in the production of herbal drugs than prescription drugs which i still believe is one of the reasons people prefers herbal drugs to the other.

7. More Fibers: I asked a friend of mine who is involved in production of herbal drugs and administration and he told me that herbal drugs are better because they contain high percentage of fiber which contains so much health benefit to the body such as weight loss, digestion, high rate of body metabolism and many more.

8. More Vitamins: Not only fiber, herbal medicines also contains more vitamins that prescription drugs. Herbal is mainly from plant like vegetables which contains more vitamins required by the body for maintenance and developments.

9. Mostly Inexpensive: If you compare the various price of prescription drugs and herbal drugs, you will notice that herbal medicines are cheaper and effective. For instance, you will notice that the cost of herbal drugs for diseases like hypertension, stroke, diabetes etc are very cheap and some plant cure some of these ailment naturally compared to the high cost prescription drugs. I believe this is a key factor we need to consider here comparing the too medicines.

10. No Side Effect: Most herbal drugs usually don't have side effect and you don't get scared when you drink more than the required quantity but for prescription, it has side effect if you take the wrong dose or excess amount of dose.

These are reasons why i feel people love herbal medicines and feel herbal drugs are better than prescription drugs. The evaluation and facts are gotten from various doctors, pharmacist and nutritionist who contributed in one way of the other. 

But if you like herbal drugs, you only need to ensure you are taking the original one and not fake drugs that was manufactured just anywhere without registration number. Thanks for reading.
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Jul 5, 2020

Is Walking to Lose Weight Effective Like Other Exercises Such As Running

Are you seeking to lose weight with any other exercise apart from running? Or you feel you might not have time to do some running but seek other exercises that can be effective like running? Then you are on the right path because we will provide you answers related to your queries.

If you have found or stumbled on this site, i will like to tell you that you are on the right path simply because we will discussing a very interesting topic today that deals with weight loss and walking to achieve it either fast or slow.

Gone are those days when people see others trekking as probably due to lack of money, poverty, but all that is a fallacy now. Walking doesn't have to be too much, because the more you walk, the more it equates to running. And the more you walk, the more it lose weight like running does.

We also know that one of the best way to lose weight is through exercises such as running, cycling, jumping, jogging, stairs climbing and other cardio but i noticed that some people still look down on walking for weight loss while others feel like it doesn't work but i can tell you that walking also works very fine to lose weight or get rid of excess fat in the body. 
Walking is also one of the best exercises or a form of exercise which makes the body fit and not only that, it can also help lose weight if done regularly with dedication. 

Walking keeps the body healthy but walking can be very slow for weight loss result unlike jogging and running which gives a fast result for weight loss. It can be inform of normal working or speed walking but walking is an exercises too.

Is Walking to Lose Weight Effective Like Other Exercises Such As Running? From my research so far about walking, it works very fine just like other exercises. It just that running can give a very fast result on fat burning while walking might be slow but i works very fine too. 

Walking is a form of exercise and can be as effective like running or jogging only if you increase your walking time. In other words, it means you walk, trek many times in a month. 

You may not see the result immediately but your colleagues and friend mention about your weight loss and you will be amazed at your slow transformation.

Can I Walk to Lose Weight like running? Yes it is very possible to walk for weigh loss just like any other exercise like cardio does.  As you read on with this post, I will be describing and stating various ways to achieve weight loss walking.  Some which includes;

1. Walk to Friends Place/Stores/Office: One of the ways to achieve losing weight through walking is to occasionally walk to your office, stores to buy items and probably your friends house. To lose weight, you need to exercise your body buy walking to stores and other places. 

If you make it a habit to walking to stores around you or to your friend place, you will notice a drastic reduction in your weight as you do so and not to go to stores with your car or bus. In this case, walking becomes very effective to lose weight just like other exercises.

2. Try Long or Short Distance: Another way to achieve weight loss walking and also make walking effective for you in terms of weight loss is to ensure you also work some distance either short or long but I noticed that many people don’t want to walk at all but prefers to go about using their cars or bus. 

It’s so bad to avoid walking especially when the distance is short like going to your place of worship or places even closer than that. What am saying is that if you begin to walk for long distance or short distance, you will reduce weight drastically with time and consistence.

3. Walking Machine: Another way to lose weight by walking which seems to be as effective like running is to get a walking machine and start walking at home. One of the benefits of walking machine is that it can calculate the distance you’ve covered within the shortest period of time and all can be done at home. 

Walking machine is not so expensive but cheap, so just try as much as possible to get one for yourself do the exercise daily and you will lose weight. 

So, the walking machine also works like other exercises to loses weight effectively.

4.  Walking to the Market:  Walking can also be uses to lose weight effectively like other exercises if you also to walk more for some minutes daily like going to the market. 

One of the things I tell people especially women that wants to lose weight is that they can do so by walking which they can start by walking to the market and other areas. 

If the market is few meters from your house why not make it a routine to trek to the market anytime you are going there but if you are buying a large amount of items, then you can go with your car. With this, weight loss walking is achievable.
5. Walk in Early Morning: You can also lose weight by walking early in the morning. I prefer you do some speed walking in the early hours or can be assisted with early morning running and jogging that is if you are tired during running, you can walk and later when the energy is replenished, you can also start running again.

In Conclusion, these are things you can do to achieve weight loss by walking which proves to be effective like other weight loss exercises. Weight loss walking is real but it takes dedication and seriousness to start. But you can achieve it easily by walking machine, walking to place of worship, market and early morning walking. Thanks
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Best Gym Workout Routine for Women to Get Strong and Fit Within a Month

Our role is to provide free information and solution to various health issues involving people by providing medical information on ways to go about it. If you are on this site right now, i believe you are on the right online healthcare site and you will find all our  medical information useful.

As you read on with article, we will be looking at some of the best gym routine workout or exercises for women to get strong and fit all within a month. Women ought to do exercises because it eliminate diseases, it keeps the body strong and it ensure normal weight of that individual either you are a young lady or married woman.

What are the best gym routine workout for women to get stronger and fit?

Did you noticed that most women especially the married ones do feel lazy to do exercises and that is what makes many of them lose their beautiful shapes, some even get life threatening diseases like hypertension and diabetes while some are overweight which makes them get obese within a short period of time.

So, when everything get wrong, many ladies and few women will run to the gym just to get back their shape. Some women will even get disappointed with their gym programs when they fail to get the desired result on fitness and weight loss but they forgot that the weight which was gained wasn't gained in a day so, you won't stay fit or lose weight in one day.
Working out at the gym is good and helps women get the best workout compared to if they decided to do it at home which works for some and doesn't work for others. 

So, recommended Gym Workout Routine for Women to get strong and fit within a month includes;

1. Walking Exercise: If you really want to get stronger and fit as a woman going the gym is to do walking exercises. Every gym center have a walking machine either manually or electronically that allows you to walk and cover some distance usually with a timer. 

The same distance that will be covered if you walk around the street or on the road is still the same that will be achieved through the walking machine. Walking help to keep a woman strong and fit and when you this it for a month, you stay healthier and lose weight as well.

2. Running Exercise: Everything we discussed about walking for women also applies to running as an exercise as well. But running is much more faster in getting result than walking workout. 

Workout for women by running is a perfect idea because it helps circulate blood around the body which ensure all the blood cells are in good working conditions. When a woman run, it makes them strong and fit within few days within a month.
Photo: glamour

3. Jogging Exercises: If  you are a woman who need a fitness idea on what to do at the gym, I see you need to lay your hands on the available jogging machine. Jogging works for all aspect of the body, it helps to lose weight fast, it keeps the body fit and strong and it eradicate diseases. 

Especially if your work is the office and sitting type, you need to make jogging a daily or weekly routine to attain good health and if you do this for around a month, there's its a perfect simple workout for your body even as a woman.

5. Yoga Exercises: Yoga is not so common among men because men do more muscular and cardio routine exercises at the gym but yoga is a better idea workout fitness idea for women. Yoga stretches the nerve cells, help in making sure the blood vessels circulate blood round the body from the heart to other organs like muscles, artery, veins etc. 

Some women just see people go to the gym while the have no plans but you can go for some yoga exercises to keep you healthy, strong and very fit even in body stamina stamina and balancing.
6. Cycling: cycling is a unique type of exercises recommended for women at the gym. You enjoy it and at the same time you keep your distance. Cycling machines situated at most gyms and you can easily tell your instructor to make it a gym routine for you especially the electronic cycling machine.

 It works for the body generally, cycling keeps your thigh muscles very active, prevent you from being overweight because it burns excess fat and it boost brain activities as well.

7. Body Stretching: During the last women soccer world cup, you will notice that some of those women players can't just enter the field without stretching. 
Stretching is a form of exercises that will keep you healthy, fit and strong either you are married or nursing mom. 

Any exercise that keeps the body warm, healthy and fit are exercises that allow blood flow from all organs in the body and stretches is also part of these exercises. If you go to the gym either daily or on weekends, do some stretches at first before jumping into other exercises and you will be strong and healthy within a month of this workout.

8. Plank exercise: If you haven't heard of plank exercise then you are missing a lot even me and my colleagues don't joke with plank because it works for belly reduction. As you know stubborn fat is vary difficult to get rid of but if you make plank one of your best routine exercises at the gym, then you won't be having problem of your belly getting bigger without knowing what to do reducing it. 

Its a terrible thing to see women or ladies with pot belly like you are pregnant whereas plank exercise will eradicate it for you. You only put you two hand on the ground, push it up and using your and to carry your body like push ups but you will only be static for few second and that's all.

In Conclusion:
From our discussion so far on the best gym routine workout for women to stay healthy, strong and fit within a month, we see that there are simple exercises which are recommended like jogging exercises, running, walking, cycling, stretches, yoga and plank exercises are in good standing. If you find yourself at the gym either on weekend or daily, do not forget to go for these exercises. Thanks for reading.

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Jul 4, 2020

How to Check Blood Pressure For Free Without Paying any Money

I got a report that Mr Smith who is one of my neighbour had stroke, he could not walk, speak and its already affecting his reasoning and mental system. I call for the test report on high blood pressure, it was very high and he's more like a walking corpse which lead to stroke, imagine having a blood pressure of 190/120. 

At age 45, 50 and above, people need to understand that they need to test their blood pressure frequently. That is why we are making a post on free ways to check the blood pressure without spending money to get tested.

If you are looking for a site that teaches you more about your health for free, i believe you are on the right site and i can tell you its what we do best (www.vicihores.us). Today, we will be looking at blood pressure and how to check it for free without spending any money.

Before we go one, let take a look at this, Mr John said hes feeling dizzy and feeling like falling at age 60, i said when was the last time you check your blood pressure to know your heart rate and blood pressure status? The man replied more than a month, i got scared because i noticed that the man is playing with death for not checking his blood pressure regularly.

Immediately, i brought out my sphygmomanometer and check is reading for blood pressure and it was very high. We immediately contact his doctor and he was treated for high blood pressure. What i see is that people with blood pressure issues either high or low need to know that checking of blood pressure can be cheap or free and prevent death.

Our Blood Pressure is something people should check regularly either young or old but some people will say that free blood pressure check is not attainable, checking blood pressure is very expensive, i don't have time for this check etc but when the effect comes, they find themselves to blame for such i don't care attitude towards their health. 

This is the more reasons am writing this post to help people get ideas on how to check their blood pressure for free.

When the blood pressure is high, it becomes high blood pressure which causes hypertension, stroke, cardiac arrest and other cardio vascular diseases and when the blood pressure is low, it also causes diseases like hypo-tension which also result to death when left untreated.

There are many ways to check your blood pressure for free or cheaply, you may not need to spend any money which includes;

1. Cheap Sphygmomanometer: One of the free ways to check for high blood pressure without spending money is to do it yourself. In order not to find excuse for not checking your blood pressure, you can check reliable health store and buy any sphygmomanometer of your choice. 

The sphygmomanometer is an instrument used to measure or determine the blood pressure by determine the rate of systolic and diastolic rate as it increases and decreases. Having this device helps to get free blood pressure check which means you can check your blood pressure with this instruments as many times as possible free. 

You can buy the manual only if you know how to use it but the electronic sphygmomanometer is the best due its simplicity and easy to use. Just follow the instruction or better still, take it to your doctor to explain it to you on how to use it at home.

2. Free Recommended Health Centers:  Another way to get free blood pressure check whereas you may not spend any money doing this is to visit free health care centers owned by governments or non governmental agencies around you. I believe almost all countries have health centers available in all areas even people living in rural areas also have access to free health centers. 

You just need to go there, tell them you want to check your blood pressure and its free.Its better you go to the accredited health centers designed by the Government and check your there, nobody will collect any money from you because you want to check your blood pressure, it is free.

3. Visit General Hospital: You can also check your blood pressure for free in General Hospitals close to you which you don't need to a dime to anybody. The nurses are there to help you check it for free. You also get some additional health tips pertaining the blood pressure you check. 

The nurses and doctors in the hospital will also prescribe drugs for you in case the blood pressure is high or low just to balance up the measurements which keeps you safe from untimely death.

 Free blood pressure is a must and the best place we recommend is the General hospital based on added health tips they give and the interpretation they offer for the result.
4. Check Private Hospitals: Any private hospital or state hospital doesn't require money for you to check your blood pressure. You can also check your blood pressure free by visiting even private hospitals or clinics. 

When you entered into any hospital either public or private, you will notice that the first thing they welcome you with is to help you check your blood pressure which you don't even need to pay for only if you have other complain or health issues.

In Conclusion:
As discussed in the article body above, the free way to check for either high blood pressure or low blood pressure is to check private hospitals, non governmental clinics, using gadget like sphygmomanomter, general health centers etc. 

Also, ensure you check your blood pressure regularly even if you are healthy, even if you are young or old. Its not only sick people or old people that should only check theirs but for people after the age of 35 to 60years and above, you can also try this method and its free. Thanks for reading.
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Jul 3, 2020

Reasons Why Most Nigerian Men Have Pot Belly After Wedding

I was checking out on some of my readers to know their well being at this time, we exchange pictures and other videos. But I was surprised when I checked on a newly married close pal and I noticed that he's grown so big with pot belly. 

All this happened shortly after his wedding, now he's battling with different exercises to burn it off but it's not easy. It can happen to anyone in any country but it seems common in Nigeria.

Reasons for pot belly in Nigerian men after wedding 

Another message was sent to us at www.vicihores.us through one of our free healthcare and fitness ideas readers from Nigeria and she was like, her Nigerian guy seems to be very handsome and fit but immediately after their wedding and now that he is marriage, the guy will just begin to get fat with big pot belly

Then i also got to know through my research that most men in Nigeria tends to get big belly when they get married. Could this be evidence of good living? No.

As you read on with this post, we will be looking at the causes of pot belly for Nigerian men and the possible solution to the problem. All will be discussed as you read on with this post. We need to know that pot belly isn't really healthy because it could lead to more complications like high blood pressure, excessive cholesterol, stroke, obesity, stroke etc

Someone asked me that "what are the reasons why most men have pot belly after marriage" and i believe this is a common problem among men that even average weight guys suddenly become pot bellied after some years in Marriage.

Whenever i see most Nigerian with pot belly, i see reasons that its not actually their fault because many eat poorly and they lack exercise. I also did my research and concluded that some of the reason for big tummy for men after marriage includes; 

1. Frequent Beer Intake: One of the reasons why some Nigerian men have big belly after marriage is due to the fact many of these men enjoy drinking beer and alcohol. Beer and alcohol are drugs and the end product of such is sugar which is converted to fat as glycogen. This causes weight gain around the tummy region and it causes pot belly which usually occur after marriage. 

2. Excess Carbohydrate Intake: Another factor that cause a pot belly in men either in marriage or after marriage is poor diet plan which results from excessive consumption of native carbohydrate foods which are high in calories. 

Examples includes yam, pounded yam, goat meat, eba, amala, bread,etc. All these makes fat to be stored around the stomach region and result to pot belly. 

3. No or Lack of Exercise: I noticed that most Nigerian men gain weight after marriage because of lack of exercise that they usually do before they got married. 

Nigerian Guys or men usually don't do exercise like walking,running, jogging, skipping, and other cardio but to drive round using their cars or bikes which will make them add more weight especially in the tummy. 

4. Its Natural: Its a belief in Nigeria that men will have a big tummy after being fed well by their wives during marriage and if a man was still maintaining his slim weight, people will believe he's not been well fed or he's broke. 

All these might are lies and they are not real. In order to avoid these, you need to do some dieting and exercise often. The truth is that it can never be natural in the sense that all still result due to bad feeding habit and lack of exercises.

5. Too Much Food: Eating too much food won't slows down the the digestion rate and you get bigger and fatter with time. Many Nigerian men eat too much food like carbohydrate and fatty foods, fried foods, fried meat and many more which later results to pot belly for them. They fail to feed on fiber, fruits with some exercise to maintain their weight.

6. Late Night Food: Eating your food late at night which is common to most Nigerian men slows down the the digestion rate and you get bigger and fatter with time. One of the reasons and factors that causes excess weight gain in the tummy for most Nigerian men is that they eat late at night due to work, hard work, traffic and many more. All these are not healthy because they store fat around the stomach that causes pot belly.
8. Stress: Stress is another major factor that contribute to weight gain in people. It also makes weight loss difficult. When the body of a man is stressed up with so much hard-work and not time for good balance diet and exercise but work work and work, the body experience stress and add more weight.
10. High Calories Diet: Another factor that cause pot belly for Nigerian men when married is the fact that they eat more high calorie foods. High calorie foods are sugar, yam,bread,cassava, doughnuts, eba and snacks generally.

These are reasons why some Nigerian men gain weight after their wedding and lose their six packs body shapes. Apart from losing shape, pot belly is too risky for any man because it leads to sickness like high blood pressure, hypertension, death, diabetes etc. Thanks for reading
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Jul 2, 2020

Ways to Make a Thick Body Become Slim and Trim without Surgery at Home

Do you belong to the category of men and women who have a thick thigh, belly, hips, who look thick all round the body and you seek ways of eradicating this excess fat at home without surgery, or you want to maintain this weight so as not to get thicker and fatter because it’s not only healthy but you will lose your shape. If so, this update is good for you and it works for everyone all from home. At the end, do share with your friends and family if it works for you.

According to the long term experience, I have noticed that people who have thick body like big bum, big breast, big thigh etc tends to get fatter after a while which may be due to lack of exercise, pregnancy, nature of job, childbirth, gene, bad feeding habit etc but making this thick body slimmer and trim without getting fatter is a huge task for some people. 

Even me, I don’t really like to go under the knife if there are alternatives or things I can just do to get better. We are providing this update to help people make a thick body get slimmer without a surgery at home.

How can I get my thick body get slim and trim without surgery while at home? I have decided to write on the ways to maintain a weight loss that is, make a thick body become thin at home. Based on my findings, we have more articles on weight loss, how to lose weight, how to lose belly fat, how to gain weight but few weight loss articles that teaches how to really maintain the weight which you have recently lose may be due to dieting or exercises.

Some people men and women have thick body by hereditary which is by a way of inheritance while some strive to achieve their present slim body due to different weight loss programs, different weight loss diet and plan which has given them a good result such as a slim thick body but how to maintain the body so that they don’t get fat is what you getting as you read on with this post.

So, the best ways to get your thick body become a slim body without surgery includes;

1. Regular Exercise: No matter how thick your body is or how fat your body is, you can reduce your body mass index and aggregate of fat in your body only with exercises because any other method is scam. Good exercises like jogging, running, cycling, walking, hurdles, swimming, skipping etc are examples of cardio exercise that will not make you grow fatter instead your stay slim.  

Instead of going for surgery which also comes with some complications afterwards, be dedicated and do constant exercises. It works like magic especially if you are dedicated and a regular doer of exercises, your thick body will get slim within the shortest period.

2. Engage Walking Exercises: Another good but slow way to make a thick body get slim and trimmed is to walk more. Walking helps the body burn excess fat and unused calories. Although walking may not be fast in losing weight or getting slimmer but it is very effective in maintaining a slim body due to even blood circulation and the working operation of the blood vessels.  Walking exercise might be slow but you will enjoy the result you get later, after few weeks of walking and trekking.

Another method is to try ignoring short distance journey with cars. Instead of going out with your car especially on short distance, you can decide to walk more around the street, the neighborhood or to work/office on some days. Walking burns far gradual and can also work as a cardio exercise for blood circulation. 

3. Take Less fatty foods: to make a thick body become a slim body without surgery and from home, you need less of fatty foods like junks, fried foods, and food items prepared with animal fat, snacks and many more. Fatty foods get you thicker instead of becoming slimmer even with exercises. 

Many of these contributes to fat accumulation in the body which makes thick people get bigger and fatter but when you eat less, you slim body still remains the same without much difference. But if you are dedicated to get a slim body without going under the knife, then shun these foods

4 Eat More fruits and Vegetables:  eating more fruits and vegetables can also be used to maintain weight loss or make a thick body become slim due to the fact that many of these fruits contains fibers and water which aids digestion and weight loss. Fruit and vegetables also contain vitamins and minerals that help get rid of undigested food materials or excess fat in the body.

5.  Drink More water:  Research claim that water doesn’t make people gain weight instead it helps the body lose weight because of its metabolic ability and also to the fact that it helps in the breaking down of food into smaller particles and it also help increases the body and cell metabolic rate. 

These properties of water can make you get slimmer when you drink more water instead of beer or sugary stuffs. If you can shun sugary drinks for water, the better for your program.
6.  Take Less Sugar: a doctor said to a patient of mine when I took her for consultation about reducing her body fat, I remembered that the doctor advised this overweight lady to take less of sugar, less of sugary drinks, less of soft drinks, less of sugary juice and many more if she really want to really lose her weight and stay slim. Little did we know that sugar add to the body mass when taken in excess because it later get converted to glycogen which is a fatty components in the body.

7.  Drink More Coffee:  you can also stay slim and slimmer at home without surgery if you imbibe the habit of drinking coffee especially if you are of the plus-size or the extra build type. Coffee contains caffeine which gives energy and also it makes the brain stay very active for few period of time,  that is the reasons people who drink coffee don’t usually get tired easily at work and that can help burn off few calories in the body that will make you slim or maintain your slimmed body. 
8. Do only one round of planks:  One of the latest weight loss exercises that help reduce any thick part of the body either the thigh, belly, hips etc is plank exercises. Personally, I enjoyed doing plank exercise every morning and I can see the change despite its only few seconds I do daily. Daily planks or just a round of 40secs planks daily get burn as much fat as possible and your thick body become slimmer and trim. Which means, you might even need a surgery when you have plank? The pictures of plank are used as the photo for this update.

9.  Eat Little or no bread: If you really like to make your thick body get slim and well trimmed at home without surgery, then you need to reduce your excessive bread intake. I noticed that I started having an increased weight and big belly when I started eating more bread daily like 2 times per day which is too much and I know but I was too busy to eat good food. 

But when I reduced the bread consumption, I noticed a drastic reduction in the size of my belly. It means that bread is a high calorie food because it contains sugar, margarine, salt and other fatty contents.

10. More fresh foods: fresh foods contains fresh vitamins, minerals, natural proteins and sugar that build the body or give energy but processed foods or fast foods contain high cholesterol and too much of animal fat that increases the body weight. 

In conclusion, as we’ve discussed in the contents, you might think it’s hard to convert tour thick body to a slim one but follow all these ideas and you will see your fat get reduced within few weeks. Only if you are obese, that when surgery might be an option but if it’s just your thick body, then do all these as explained above. Thanks

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Dangerous food to avoid if you have diabetes and high blood pressure at age 50 and above

If you take careful look at human around age 50 and above, you will notice the body organs are gradually declining in the operation and this may result to issues like high blood pressure and diabetes. Even if an individual is diabetic with high blood pressure, it can still be managed by avoiding some food items which seems too dangerous.

I welcome you to our online health center where we discuss various health related issues and if you have come across this site, you are in the right place for highly informative health articles.

Today as you read on with this post, we will be discussing the various dangerous foods to avoid if you have high blood pressure and diabetes and I believe you will learn so much from this and it will be useful to your health

In our previous post, we have discussed more on sugar related diseases called diabetes and how to manage it naturally which the link is posted below as you read on with this article. 

Diabetes and high blood pressure are more common in many part of the world especially in America and Africa for people who are over 50 years and I felt we need to discuss more on the dangerous food to avoid for diabetes and hypertension so that we can all learn and live a healthy life free of excess sugar.

In our previous post, We learn that both diabetes Type 1 and Type 2 are both caused by obtrusion in the operation of the insulin which is situated in the bile. That is when the insulin secreted in the bile isn’t enough in supply. Now, instead of drugs and medication, we looked at the natural ways which it can be treated and managed through foods.

We also discussed high blood pressure related topics and ways to prevent and manage it even at matured age like around 50.

In the real sense, there are food that are not good for people with high blood pressure and diabetes because such foods could cause more havoc to the body system. Diabetic diets should be the diets that helps the body to produce more insulin unlike the worst food. 

So, these foods should be avoided for diabetic and hypertensive people and these foods are;
1. Excess Fried food: when we talk about the dangerous foods people who are over 50 need to avoid especially if you have either type 1 or type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure, you need to avoid fried foods. Avoiding this will make you healthy and safe from sudden attack and with time, you may even be cured of the diseases. Fried foods contain animal fact which can block blood vessels when taking in excess and many have high sugar contents in them.
2. Excess Processed foods: processed foods are also one of the worst food for high blood pressure and diabetes, and should be avoided like plague. Processed food are preserved and prepared with salt while some still contains fat especially canned fish, meat or junks which isn’t a good diet for diabetes. Process food also contain large amount of salt which also alters heart operation.

3. More Junks: Eating more of junks foods such friend rice, fried chicken, snacks, meat pie, egg role, chin chin etc. are also one of the dangerous food for diabetes and should also be avoided especially if you are over 50 years. Junk are prepared from animal fat, salt, some contains butter, oil, margarine and many more.

4.  Ripe fruits: Ripe fruits like plantain, pawpaw, orange, apple, pineapple are not recommended as best diets for diabetes and hypertension.

So, I will rather suggest diabetic and hypertensive people should go for unripe fruits which contain no sugar or sweet taste but still supplies the vitamins and minerals it contains.

5. Cakes: If you are diabetic or you are living with high blood pressure, then do not eat cakes because its too dangerous to your health. I do tell people that cakes are for young people, children and little size are recommended for adult but a bad or worst food for diabetic patients. Cakes contains high amount of sugar, salt, butter, margarine, salt etc. which makes it a bad choice of diet for diabetes.

6. Eating Mayonnaise: Mayonnaise is a no go area if you have diabetes and high blood pressure.Mayonnaise contains fat and considerable amount of salt in it and that is why it’s being categorized among the worst food for diabetes.

7. Sugary Soft drinks: I will like you to know that the primary raw material of soft drinks is industrial sugar. When you drink soft drinks, it supplies more sugar to the body cells which out more pressure on the bile and it may breakdown the secretion of insulin. Also excess sugar in the body causes heart issues for people with hypertension.

8.  Drinking Alcoholic drinks: Like I said earlier for soft drinks, the primary raw material of alcoholic drink is industrial sugar and other drugs. When you take alcoholic drinks, it supplies more sugar than required to the body cells which out more pressure on the bile and it may breakdown the secretion of insulin. It means alcoholic drinks are too dangerous for aged men and women with high blood pressure.
9. High calorie foods: Foods like yam, coco-yam, bread, cake, potato etc. are high in calories and it’s being known to add more sugar to the body since they are known as complex carbohydrates and the end product of all type of carbohydrates is sugar that is glucose.

10. Barbecue: Barbecue is not recommend for diabetes and high blood pressure because it's too risky, and you need to desist from eating it or you increase the sugar contents of your body which the little amount of insulin won’t be able to breakdown. Barbecue is prepared with salt, sauce which may contain sugar and more salt, animal fat and others.

In conclusion:
Just as discussed in the article above, the worst foods for people who have diabetes, high blood pressure and should be avoided are discussed which includes barbecue, high calorie foods like bread, alcoholic drinks, soft drinks, mayonnaise, cakes, ripe fruits,  foods, junks and processed foods. Thanks for reading.
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Jul 1, 2020

How to Achieve Fast Weight Loss by Eating Pap Often

Although, almost every nation in the world have their local or traditional food except those highly civilized countries. Pap might not be known by many Americans and Europeans but many Africans, Asians and African Americans are familiar with it and sime may have few things about pap being a light or low calorie foods.

 Most low calorie foods like pap are good to achieve fast weight loss when eaten often. Its funny to also believe that when mixed with milk, it becomes highly nutritional with a combination of starch and protein, which seems good for body development.

I do tell people that "we are what we eat" whereas a nutritionist prove this wrong that we are never what we eat since we all have different body metabolism and rate of reaction. Which means this statement occurs to only few People and I agreed with that since everyone is still learning.

I have a group of friends which were used for experiment in southern Africa. All these have varying body size and shapes. These guys were divided into two, the first set we asked to drink pap without any other food for 4 days while the other set take the pap along with other foods.

After 4th day of the task because the first set and second set were separated from each other, we then noticed the group that weren't taking only pap but with other food have the same weight result while the first group taking pap alone have a considerable weight loss even when the pap was mixed with milk, honey and other proteins just to have a separate taste.

The result led to this recent findings involving pap and we also did a little research on health benefit of pa pap and we are made to know that pap is a very common food in many part of West Africa and also seen as a good for recovery after sickness either for young or matured people.

Pap is made from maize and I can tell you that pap is low in calorie although it’s a starchy food but very light. Even while they are preparing pap from corn many starch are washed along which makes it healthier. It’s just like harvesting a corn, sundry it, allow it to ferment a little, grind it and sieve to become a food.

Another lady who works for me started taking pap and after a while around few days, her weight was just reducing because of the low calorie of the food.

Opinion: If you really want lose weight fast or quickly, you need to do some simple exercises coupled with consumption low fatty foods like pap. Pap helps to lose weight very fast even without complications or side effect because pap is light in nature, it processing from corn has reduced some other starch in it and it gives energy.

So, if you feel you are overweight or you are beginning to see that you are getting obese, you can decide to eat pap more like many times a week or a day along with milk, low sugary items and other proteins. Doing this will reduce your calorie intake and your digestion rate also get faster which means you are on the right food plan on weight loss.

You can still eat this semi solid food more in the morning, in the afternoon or at night which is good instead starving yourself.  If pap is a local food in western Nigeria and that is why most northern tribe usually has a slim body due to the pap which does the work for them since it’s a low calorie food. 

The Chemistry
So, the idea is that when you take pap very often especially to lose weight fast, it works because pap is made from corn, its low in calories. Pap is light and pap is very high in fiber which aids digestion and body metabolism.  

Regular intake of this food is very light and it increases the body rate of blood circulation and digestion which is the basis of weight loss.

With Exercises: If you are on a weight loss plan or diet plan especially with veggies, then pap is a perfect match for such plan as long as you are doing those to lose weight quickly. Like the last I recommended pap for a friend who went for holiday in the Western Africa, she came back thanking and appreciating that she too lot of pap and she was just urinating and she felt light throughout her stay.

No complications:
Unlike other weight loss ideas or foods that may result to complications when you eat them to maintain your weight, pap for weight loss isn’t part of those foods because taking pap still gives energy because it belong to the class of food called carbohydrates and their basic function according to elementary sciences is that pap gives energy, helps in body development and doesn’t make you grow fat.
Age or gender
One good thing about taking pap regularly to lose weight fast is that it doesn’t have any age restriction or gender selection. Men and women of all ages, young or old, big or fat can all take pap meal and it works well if you don’t want to be involved in eating too much of heavy food but light stuffs.

With Exercises;  taking pap with exercises gives more faster result because you are burning fat with those exercises and you are taking a food that also seems light and makes you full. 

In conclusion:
Eating pap often can actually make you lose weight based on some of the things we discussed in the article body above like having low calories, being light, containing fiber, can be used by men and women, young or old and it has no side effect on your health even when you are engaged in exercises and you are feeding on pap meal to lose weight. Thanks for reading.

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Jun 30, 2020

Benefits of Early Morning Cardio Exercises to the Body for Both Young and Old People

If you really want to hear the truth about exercising the body to lose weight even if you are young or you are older, I won't be beating around the bush and telling you to eat some food, follow some weight loss dieting plan, eat less of junk etc. 

The best thing to do to lose weight fast and efficient is to exercise your body, it get faster if you do some cardio exercises especially in the early hours of the day preferably morning. 

Whats are the benefits of cardio exercises to the body for older or young people?

I think much have been said about cardio exercises being the best for weight loss, for balance of health, for body metabolism and improvement of health in general. 

When you search for weight loss exercises, fast ways to lose weight, fastest ways to slim down and all others, you will always get more results on cardio exercises and that is why we decided to write on the various advantages of cardio exercises to the body especially when done in the early morning.

Cardio Exercise comes with various advantages that are very beneficial to the health of anyone engaged in it young and old. Cardio Exercise are exercise or workout which makes you breath faster and one good thing about cardio exercise is that the more you do this exercise, the more you get more healthier than ever.

For older people, cardio exercise keep them younger, improve heart operation and help eradicate diseases. Also for younger people, it keeps them better and also keep the future in shape out IG diseases.

What Are Cardio Exercises? Cardio Exercise includes running, speed walking, fast jogging, playing football, hurdles, cycling, swimming, skipping with jump rope, plank exercise and many more. Any exercise can be regarded as a cardio exercise if it increases your breath when doing it and you feel like stopping, a good example is skipping and running. It has lot of advantages when done in the morning.

Cardio exercise may be difficult especially to women or people are older in age but the advantages is so numerous in the sense that it prevent death due to diseases or some health issues. Some of the benefits you get when you do cardio exercises in the early morning includes;

1.  Fast Weight Loss: The best weight loss program in the world or let me say the best way to lose weight fast in any country in the world is through cardio exercise. It prevents obesity, big tummy and largr body mass. When you do cardio exercise like skipping, running, hurdles, stairs climbing etc in the morning, the heart pumps blood faster and blood are circulated throughout the body which is recommended to keep the heart in good condition. 

It works all round the body system, blood get circulated throughout the body and the body begins to lose weight due to the cardio exercise done. Cardio exercise is the fastest way to burn fat, to lose excess weight and to get slimmer and slimmer within the shortest period.

2.  Easy digestion: Another benefit you get when you perform cardio exercise in the early hours of the morning right there at home either you are old or young, on the street or at the gym is that it aids digestion of food in your body. 

Some people uses cardio to reduce constipation and get food digested on time through this exercise. No matter how full your tummy is, if you workout with cardio exercises like skipping or running, your food get digested on time and weight are lost. If you have a slow digestion, try doing some cardio and see the difference.

3.  High Metabolism: Cardio exercises plays an important role in ensuring rapid body metabolism which contributes to weight loss especially in older people. Exercises like cycling and swimming as well as other cardio exercise helps to increase the body metabolic rate. 

This is achieved through fast digestion and does not allow excess fat to get accumulated in the body. When the metabolism rate in the body is high, the body is healthy and no fat can be stored in such body.

4.  Good Fitness: For young people, If don't want to lose weight through cardio exercise, you may not lose weight but what you gain is body stamina, firm stature, you won't get tired easily after few minutes of work.

 All these means fitness, you see most footballers or athletes are always very fit and they don't fall easily when pushed or when they come in contact with opponents. Cardio exercises will make you fit, strong and firm which i believe is a good advantage of the exercise when done in the early morning.
5.  Prevent Diseases: Old or young, cardio prevent diseases. Another health advantages or what you stand to gain when you do cardio exercises especially in the early morning is that it helps to prevent various types of sugar or fat related diseases such as hypertension, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, stroke and many more. 

Participating in an early morning cardio is a way of investing into the future because you won't get sick or when at old age, you won't be nursing and paying heavily to cure diseases.

6.  Ensures Long life: One of the good health benefit of early morning cardio exercise is that it improves life span which gives long life. Exercise prevents life threatening diseases which may cause death. 

This means you don't need to be too busy to do cardio exercise because you are investing into a healthy future that guarantee long life and sickness free lifetime. Cardio exercises prevent life threatening diseases which makes people live longer.

7.  For Strong Bones: Early morning cardio exercises will improve and make your bones stronger. You will be very fit and won't get tired easily. The calcium contents in the body will be multiplied through cardio exercise, this will make you perform better and stronger. Exercises help build strong bones and healthy teeth more than any other thing.

In Conclusion, the best way to live and invest in your health for the future is to perform cardio exercises as explained above. It makes you strong, healthier, prevents diseases obesity, and it helps to reduce weight. If you cant do cardio early in the morning, find time during weekends or later in the day, you still get the same benefit. Thanks for reading.
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How to Lower Blood Pressure Without Taking Tablets or Spending Lot of Money

How can i reduce my high blood pressure without taking drugs or spending too much? The truth about lowering high blood pressure is that is not so easy to manage and it may be expensive simply because you need to but drugs, you need to check your blood pressure regularly.

you need to go see the doctor and you need to buy prescription drugs which seems to be on the high side when it comes to price and many of us may not be able to afford.

High Blood Pressure occurs when the reading of the blood pressure that is the systolic reading and diastolic reading seems to be higher than the normal and this have a huge effect on the rate at which which the heart pumps blood and when left untreated, it may lead to death of an individual. 

High blood pressure have been seen as one of the major cause of death all over the world but common in many part of Africa, America and some part of Europe.

But lowering a high blood pressure solely depends on what the doctor prescribe on the patient, some medications such as the use of drugs like amylodipine and other expensive drugs just to keep the heart and blood pressure back to its normal position. 

But as you on with this post, we will be looking at the various ways by which the high blood pressure can be lowered without the use of tablets, drugs like amilodipine and not spending much money on this. This is more like home remedy for treating high blood pressure and making it get lower back to the normal state. 
Photo: Glamour

Some of the ways anybody can lower high blood pressure without spending much money or taking expensive tablets includes;

1. Ensure to Lose Weight : One of the simple ways to lower your blood pressure to its normal state is to ensure your find simple working ways to lose weight. Getting rid of your excessive fat in the body is one of the best ways to do this without seeing a doctor or using pills

 This can be done by doing simple and gentle exercises like walking, running, jogging and reducing your fatty food intake. 

As you engage in any weight loss method through exercise and dieting, you will burn excess fat, you shed excess unwanted calories and al this will help in bringing back to normal the pumping of blood to other part of the body. Do this and you will be happy you did because you wont be spending lot of money or taking any pills for your controlling your blood pressure.

2. Through Simple Exercise : Just as it was clearly stated above that one of the ways we can lower our high blood pressure if you have any is through weight loss method like doing some exercises. All these exercises can be done in the comfort of your home, at the gym, through manual or electronic machines and many more. 

Good and recommended exercise for this includes running, jogging, speed walking, cycling, jumping, yoga and many more. Exercises allows easy and even circulation of blood from the heart, through the blood vessels and to other part of the body which keeps the heart safe and pressure normal.

3. Eat Good and Healthily: You can also reduce your high blood pressure without a doctor, tablets, pills or buying expensive medications only through what you eat since we are what we eat. The major cause of issues of blood pressure originates from what we eat and to treat it locally by self still depends on what to eat or what we eat. 

You only need to eat more vegetables, fruits, vitamins, drink more water and avoid sugary drink and many more balance diet. 

Ive had so much discussion about high blood pressure with health experts and many will tell you that you need drugs but nutritionist will tell you that you need good food like more veggies. 

4 . Reduce Sodium Consumption; If you look at some of the causes of high blood pressure or what raises the blood pressure in people, you will see that sodium is also a leading cause and it is found in tablet salt we use at home. 
Our home or local salt contains sodium ion that causes increases the blood pressure in the body when its becomes too much in the body system. To avoid spending lot of money on high blood pressure or using tablets, take precaution by reducing your salt in take and it solve the situation gradually.

5. Reduce Excess Alcohol Intake: If you are the type that take alcohol and you have high blood pressure, the best home treating you can use to treat this or reduce it, is to abstain from the alcohol like beer or rum intake. 

Alcohol is a drug and if you have a high blood pressure and still take it, then your blood pressure might increase but you can reduce it by through reduction of alcohol, spirit, vodka beer, rum and many more.

6. Just Quit Smoking: If you are the kind of person that smoke cigarette a lot and you have high blood pressure, the best home remedy for you to lower or reduce it, is to leave smoking completely. Smoking of cigarette exposes the body to cancerous growth and other health issues. 

Smoking can also increase the rate of blood pressure but if you put a stop to smoking, you will be healthy without the use of drugs and spending lot of money to get a lower blood pressure instead of high blood pressure. 

7. Avoid Taking Caffeine: One of the ways to reduce or lower your blood pressure to its normal reading or state without taking tablets or without spending lot of money is to cut your intake of caffeine. This can be done by taking less of caffeinated drinks, coffee drinks, energy  drinks and many more.  

 When the body accumulate too much stress, it may lead to blood pressure becoming high. And one good way to lower high blood pressure without spending so much money and drugs/Tablets is to avoid stressful things. 

And don't always think because it put more pressure on your body, watch comedy films, shows and be in happy mood always.

In conclusion
As you've seen in the content which was discussed above, you will see that it makes a lot of sense to treat and lower your high blood pressure without spending lot of money and taking any tablets if you avoid taking caffeine, if you quit smoking, if you avoid stress, if you reduce salt and sugar intake, if your exercise your body, if you lose weight and if you do away with alcohol. Thanks for reading.
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Jun 29, 2020

Will I Lose Weight Very Fast If i Walk Up and Down the Stairs?

Someone started a teaching job in a school and within 2 months, she's already losing weight very fast. She thought the work is too stressful but I told her that it's the stairs she go through many times a day which is inform of a cardio exercise.

If you are new here, the admin of this site welcome you personally to online health center for fitness and healthcare. We provide medical information on health, weight loss, fitness ideas and what works for the general wellness of the body.

As you read on on this update, we will be providing answers to the questions on weight loss through walking up and down the stairs, how to achieve it and how possible it is to lose weight fast for anyone either you are a man or woman, young or old.

Photo: Glamour

Are you looking for ways to lose weight very fast, I can categorically tell you that you are in the right place for fitness and weight loss ideas.  

Can I lose weight if I walk up and down the stairs? Yea, it is very possible to lose weight when you walk up and down the stairs and this method have been seen as many weight loss experts and doctors as one of the fastest and efficient ways to lose weight without spending money or stress.

Reasons why walking up and down the stairs is good for weight loss.

1. It's a cardio exercise: Walking up and down the stairs or staircase is a wonderful and quick ways to lose weight because its a cardio exercise. Cardio exercises are exercises that makes the heart beat faster which is healthy for the heart. 

You will definitely see a considerable amount of weight loss when you ignore the lift for the stairs because blood flows fast and evenly from the heart to other part of the body which increases metabolism and help you get rid of excess fat.

This is what you see or experience if you leave you place of work without stairs for another with stairs. You will see that you trouser or skirt will lose due to your stairs climbing.

2. Burn fat fast: Since cardio exercises help to burn unwanted cholesterol and fat fast, it means that the body also get reduced in fat due to walking up and down the stair case. If you have access to stair case either at home or at your place of work, why not use the opportunity to lose weight as quickly as possible and you might not do other exercises.

But it must be done in moderately so that you don't overwork yourself and begin to have body pain or leg pain.

3. Fast digestion: One of the things that makes people overweight is when you eat more than your body can digest, it get stored as glycogen which is a fatty component. 

But if you have access to walking up and down the stairs case, food will digest faster, you get hungry most time because you are burning fat. Whereas this is major process that fasten you weight loss program. 

4. Fast body metabolism: When your body metabolism rate is fast, you will lose weight fast. One of the things that makes people overweight is when you eat more than your body can metabolize, it get stored as glycogen which is a fatty component.

 But if you have access to walking up and down the stairs case, your body and cell will metabolize faster, and you get hungry most time because you are burning fat.

5. It's very cheap: One of the reasons why I choose to walk up and down the stairs is that it is very cheap. I don't need to buy anything or pay anyone. It doesn't even require too much of my time, just go up and down, walk up and down and you will be burning a whole lot of fat doing that.

 In fact, you may not do it every day since its a cardiovascular exercise but the few times you do it is enough to reflect on your body.

6. Restrictions: Due to age, people who are older may not do that due to leg pain or stress on their heart although there are simple exercises they can do which will be discussed in our next post but if you are still young and agile, you can still do this cardio exercises of walking up and down the stairs and you will lose weight fast.
7. Low risk: If you do cardiovascular exercises, your heart beat faster and you burn fat fast but when you walk through the stair case, you get fit, you won't fall sick and you won't be at risk of any life threatening illnesses like stroke, high blood pressure,diabetes, heart problem or cardiac arrest because your heart is in it best form with cardio exercise.

In conclusion: As discussed in the article contents above, we clearly stated that you will lose weight when you walk up and down the stairs due to some of the reasons stated above. Thanks for reading.
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